How to create your own space when locked down with family |
How to create your own space when locked down with family

How to create your own space when locked down with family

2 May, 2020

Everyone is thankful for the time we are getting to spend with the family. We are learning new things about our parents, children, partners, siblings; finding new ways to spend and enjoy time; helping each other out; and just enjoying each others’ company. But if you have been feeling a little out of touch with yourself, there’s nothing wring with it. With all the chaos and noise going around, you definitely need some time off where you sit with yourself, sort your thoughts, meditate and simply exist without the background noise. Now how do you do it whilst locked down in the same house as your family? Our Thriive expert Mamta Sharma, a Life Coach and Cognitive Behavioural Expert, shares a few ways you can create your own personal space.

  • Designate a ‘Solitude Spot’: Not just you, everyone in your family will feel the need to switch off everyone else and be with themselves sometimes. For times like this, it is important to have a ‘solitude spot’. Designate a space, it could simply be just a chair, but a space that is meant for people who need to be alone and quiet. Keep this space clutter free, preferably in a quiet place in the house, which by the virtue of position, is undisturbed by other members. You can enhance this spot with the use of scented candles, soothing lights, or play soft music when using this spot for meditating or calming down.
  • Respect your work space: We are all working from home (mostly) and more often than not, the work spills into our family time and vice versa, and when you cannot give the required time and attention to work or family, that is when frustration starts building up. To manage your time and space, chalk out a routine and assign a space for your work. Work only from your this ‘office’ and respect it by not allowing yourself or others disturb you when you are in your work space.
  • Indulge in a solo activity: Board games and activities with family is a lot of fun, of course, but don’t you feel the need to sometimes do something just by yourself? Spending time on your own is important, and there are so many activities you can indulge in. Start doodling or colouring Mandalas. They are soothing and stimulating. Set some time aside to work alone on learning a new skill or enhancing yourself.
  • Create a space that is ‘yours’: Whether it is your side of the bed, your worktable, your kitchen, or even just a shelf on a shared bookshelf, work towards making your space truly yours. Arrange the things the way you like, decorate it as per your choice. Keep it clean and organised to let the good energy flow.

This lockdown has definitely taught us a lot of things about our family, but why not use it also to learn about yourself. If you wish to connect with a therapist to get you started and guide you on the journey of self-discovery, CLICK HERE.

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