How to disconnect from the fear of pandemic |
How to disconnect from the fear of pandemic

How to disconnect from the fear of pandemic

7 Aug, 2020

Currently, there is a lot of upheaval and suffering in the world. People are fearful and even wondering where is God when we need Him the most. The pandemic is cleansing the old energies on planet earth and new energy is being ushered. While we may be going through hardships, we should remember that we are clearing karmic energies from other lifetimes. There is great compassion being instilled within us during this time. It is also changing the collective consciousness of the planet. This process of the new energies ushering in is likely to continue till 2022. Rae Chandran, Mahakundalini expert, an energy healer, channeler and a teacher discusses how to disconnect from the fear of the pandemic. His main work at the present moment is on activating the quantum DNA and also using sounds as a healing channel. He regularly conducts workshops on Sound Healing, Creation Codes and Sacred Geometry, Healing Symbols, DNA Activation and Dragons. He is the author of DNA of the Spirit – Volume 1 and  2 and Partnering with Angels and Dance of Hands.

A call for Unity Consciousness

The suffering in the world has led us to travel within our soul. Instead of fearing the present or our future, we should invoke the God consciousness within us. We should have love, compassion and generosity. We should live from our heart. If we look at the history of the planet,  it is only calamities and difficult circumstances which has brought us together. We should all unite and come together and help each other during this pandemic.

Choose compassion for self and others 

When we are in a state of deep fear, our thoughts and emotions get clogged. We also feel depressed, disappointed and angry. This pandemic is teaching us to choose compassion instead of pushing things under the carpet. The United States of America has a history of  racial problems while India and Pakistan has a history of border issues but the changing timelines and the energies are pushing these issues to the fore, so that the problems are resolved.


Mr. Chandran states that there will be another big impact on the planet due to technological issues. He has predicted that 2025 and 2030 will also witness other global events which will usher in the new energies.

We need not fear

We should not buy into any negative news and not stay in fear. Our energy contracts due to fear and it affects the emotional body, our immunity and the nervous system. Instead, we should replace this fear with love, compassion and stay in a higher vibration. Many souls are choosing to leave this planet during this pandemic because their karmic cycle is complete and they did not have any more lessons to learn. They will reincarnate and choose higher consciousness for the purpose of ascension and benefit from the changing timelines.

Everyday affirmation for being at peace 

We can say this affirmation daily. “Divine love flows through my soul. I am happy, joyous, peaceful and free. There is peace in my body, thoughts and in my mind. There is peace in my sleep.”

Healing modalities 

In order to heal India from Covid-19, we can charge rose quartz crystals with sun energy and put those crystals on the map, especially for healing those states which are severely affected by the pandemic.

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