How to Find the Best Online Therapy? |
How to Find the Best Online Therapy?

How to Find the Best Online Therapy?

30 Oct, 2019

There are several claims online which say that you can have instant and inexpensive access to a therapist with a click of a mouse. There is a convenience in using the internet and looking for help. For younger adults who are keen on using technology as a mode to communicate, it may seem like an easier option. Online communication is also very comfortable for many people than talking to someone in person, especially when it comes to revealing personal or private information. Online Therapy is also one of the affordable modes of maintaining good mental health. 

But, how do you know which is the best Online Therapy for you? Here are five things to keep in mind while searching for Online Therapy:

  1. License 

Licensing is important because it protects you. The therapists and psychotherapists that you meet online are sometimes not legally bound to maintain a therapy privilege. 

Privilege gives the patient, a right to prevent the therapist from disclosing any confidential information. If the Counseling that you seek online is not of a licensed nature, there is no obligation upon the therapist to not disclose your information. 

Licensing Laws also work as evidence to ensure that only those who are trained and are qualified to practice counseling services. Before you sign up for any of these Online Services, make sure you find out who you will be working with, and if he/she has a valid license to practice. You can also confirm the details of the license with the License number. 

  1. App Security

It may not seem like an encouraging statement to hear If I tell you, Privacy on the Internet is a myth. But, with the advancement in technology, you should find it safe to use. When you are a patient seeking Online Therapy, chances are very high that you share a lot of information. It is important to make sure that your information remains confidential. The way psychotherapy works well is because when you share your intimate stories, details, thoughts, and emotions – everything stays at the therapy office. 

Hence, it is important to make sure that the app or site you use be compliant with industry standards. They should also have the ability to verify your identity and your therapist’s identity.

  1. Payment Options

This seems like an easy option to tick off your list. But most Psychologists provide an invoice that you can submit for your Medi-Claim. Whereas, Online Therapy services are often not covered or reimbursable by most insurance companies. Hence, you must check with your insurance company for reimbursement, otherwise, prepare to bourne the full cost. 

  1. Right Tool

Though online therapy is a convenient tool and it can take less time away from your busy schedule, it is not for everyone. Some websites that advertise that they offer therapy, but some of them can be misleading or false. A certain case could be, the people who advertise it may not be licensed or qualified to provide the services. Just like technology, research is still new, and there is a lot of things that science doesn’t know yet. The research is not yet evident to show that stand-alone therapy online by the modes of texting is effective for everyone in every situation.

It is important to seek help when you’re feeling low. You don’t have to go through what you’re going alone. You should never shy away asking from help. There are several options to consider, but if you don’t have the luxury of time – you can always opt for Online Counseling. 

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