How to have an abundance mindset against all odds? |
How to have an abundance mindset against all odds?

How to have an abundance mindset against all odds?

7 Dec, 2019

Have you ever noticed it? We connect on problems! It makes us feel – ‘oh I had such a great conversation!’. Well, actually it felt like we belonged on the same ship. That ship is called’ Casa Problemo’. With that came the ‘scarcity mindset’ – the neediness; the lack of; the helplessness – this made us connect even deeper to someone else that shared the same mindset isn’t it? Little did we understand that it is taking us away from a strong immune system, the power of being resourceful and attracting the world into our lives! 

The good news is that it is never too late to move to an ‘abundance mindset’ no matter where you are in your life. The key to this is having a ‘resourceful’ perspective. 

I was filled with excuses, sob stories, poor me attitude and let me tell you what changed tangibly my career, health and what I started to attract my way is my ‘resourceful perspective’! 

We often might not have the resources and this seeps us into feel scarcity in our life when honestly those who are brewing with positivity and shining in performance are the ones who believe something that leads to the resources! 

So today let us see steps to move to an abundance mindset:

  1. Awareness: Firstly where are we stuck with scarcity mindset is very important to know! Where are you getting less than amazing results? In your relationship? In how you feel people perceive you in your peer group? In your career growth? In your health goals? This is where you could be stuck in fear of a scarcity mindset. This is how you can even look into your micro-thoughts and see where do you see ‘lack of’. 
  2. Gratitude journal: In those same areas, let us shift our thought process. I love any kind of gratitude practice but this one is more targeted to move towards an abundance mindset in a specific area. Let’s take an example: Assume you feel you don’t get results with your health goals. Usually, the running commentary in the head is: ‘I am a loser’; ‘I never get results’; ‘Maybe I will always be overweight’ so on and so forth. Now lets shift mindset. Think of all the positive about health and health goals and write this daily in your gratitude journal – I  am blessed to have all organs functioning well; I am glad that when I work on my self; I do see results so my body supports me; my blood reports are great; my motivation is with me and you can think of several fresh ones with daily experiences. This will change the attitude. 
  3. Resources to resourcefulness: This is game-changing and changed my game for sure! I started to have a resourceful perspective which means solution-oriented and not problem-focused! I used my creative side to keep coming with new ways and ideas to work with me. It made me charged and made me feel in control of my journey you see – this makes a massive shift to an abundance mindset. 
  4. Choosing words: We change the words we use around the situation – instead of saying I am trying to lose weight and it doesn’t seem to work, we now say I am working on myself and taking baby steps. Instead of saying where are the men and I can’t find the right partner, we now say it’s all coming to me and the chosen one is making his or her way here. If you notice these statements, it is moving from doubt to faith to abundance. 
  5. Taking baby steps: Action is a must! Otherwise all of the above will fizzle out so take on the area and make baby goals – every day make 1% progress so the end of the year is 365% progress!!!! That’s amazing and not so hard.

Against all odds, we can change our world and our mindset. I can’t emphasize enough on how important this is for our well-being and our manifestation power. I have seen this change my world and my attitude to an extent that today abundance comes to me so naturally. Sure, there are times we face loss and sorrow and it is hard and we need to vent and cry out. We aren’t talking about such rare moments – we are talking about an overall mindset. That mindset is in our control.

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  1. Superbblyyyy put nipa….u make it all so clear for us to understand and your words give us the power towards baby steps…kuddos


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