How to use your child's time productively and mindfully |
How to use your child’s time productively and mindfully

How to use your child’s time productively and mindfully

23 Jun, 2020

It is tough being a child in today’s time. No friends, no outdoors, no peer-to-peer interaction, no stepping outside, all they see and speak to is the parents. Children are not programmed for being only in adult company 24*7, and yet they have been living this life since months. As parents too, we are worried about helping our children ease into this new reality and make the most of this time indoors. Online classes and activities can only do so much to keep the children occupied, and after all its screen time, we can’t be relying on it. So how do we keep our children occupied productively? Pooja S, a Children’s Counsellor and Mindfulness Coach shares a few ways you can use your child’s time productively and mindfully.

  • Music art: Children love anything that involves colouring, drawing, and art. Take it a notch up by getting your child to practice music art. This kind of art involves your child to listen to some classical form of music and let them draw or colour whatever comes to them. Good music choices would be Beethoven or Carnatic music. Music has a soothing effect on children, and when they create art while listening to music, they do their creative best.
  • Household chores: Get your child to be independent when it comes to certain household chores. Depending on the age of your child, involve them in simple things like transferring laundry in the washing machine, or putting it out to dry, or setting the dinner table, or just get them to put away their toys. Help them form a habit of helping out, and eventually doing chores independently.
  • Teach mindfulness: We all know how important it is to be grounded, and have a sense of calm. What better time to start practicing it than when you are young and your personality is still shaping up! Indulge your children in mindful practices like meditation, journaling, or being observant of the nature.
  • Teach them to cook: Cooking is a great way to bond with your child, and is also a therapeutic activity. Get your child to help around the kitchen. Ask them to hand you things from the refrigerator and shelves. Talk o them about spices, fragrances, and flavours. You will not only teach them to cook, you will teach them a life skill that will come in handy.
  • Expose them to world cinema: Not all screen time is bad! Use your screen time productively by introducing your child to world cinema. Help them get an advanced perspective, allow them to learn about different cultures, expose them to new languages, traditions, and ways people think and behave in different parts of the world. This will also nurture a sense of appreciating art in your children.

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