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I’m A Thriiver – Winning and not just surviving the battle with Leukaemia

I’m A Thriiver – Winning and not just surviving the battle with Leukaemia

31 May, 2019

The C-word is feared by almost everyone and battling it is akin to battling a war. Victory over it is always hard-won and being glad about it. One such battle was won by Dr. Naresh Mintri, a holistic wellness practitioner himself. He narrates his story to us in his unique style and we believe we will not be the only ones who are so inspired by his journey into C-world and back.

Presenting to you, Dr. Naresh Mintri’s story, in his own words.

 A physically healthy lifestyle

“I was an active sportsman in my youth, taking part in football, hockey, athletics and long distance running, badminton, swimming and rowing. I was the Bronze medal winner in the 1974 West Bengal Rowing Championships and even took part in the National Rowing Championships. For me, health was very important and I took care to keep myself fit.

Even when I became an industrialist with 24×7 working hours I would find time for my daily workouts. Physical health was far more important for me than anything else. I lived in a village in rural Bengal, simple living in a clean and green environment.

So, when I shifted back to Kolkata, its polluted atmosphere started taking its toll. My physical activity got toned down but I still maintained a disciplined lifestyle with regular eating and sleeping times.

This went on like this till one night both my wife and I had woken up to go to the washroom. She went in first and while I was waiting for her to come out, I presumably collapsed. When I came to, I was lying on the cold floor, my entire family crowded around me.

For a few days before that I was having a cold and a light fever and had been using my Reiki energies to heal myself.

Next morning, my family Doctor was called in to give me check-up. He suggested a few tests, including MRI, EEG, ECG and blood tests to diagnose and determine if any damage had been done.

Caught unawares

The blood report showed  abnormal blood counts, and a remark that there are signs of Leukemic cells.  My doctor got worried and asked me to visit a haematologist who requested a re-test from another laboratory, just to be sure.

The counts in this report were worse than the first report, and he too advised me to get admitted and proper checking done. And, for the first time in 58 years of my existence, I found myself lying on a hospital bed. (BTW the last time I lay on a hospital bed was while in boarding school when I bunked an exam, and molly-coddled my way through the heart of the sister-in-charge to get myself admitted with a fake illness.)

What can you expect the reaction of the patient and family members to be when you find yourself bundled up in the Onco-Hematology section of a hospital? All hell broke loose and everyone were shattered. The question running through everyone’s mind was how can a person who was so regular and disciplined in life land up with this illness!

Anyway, there I was, with the relief that I was not instantly tied down with tubes and pipes puncturing my body all over. The medical team wanted to do some more tests to determine the exact nature and degree of my Leukemia.

Taking up the challenge

My son was tracking all these tests and reports and informed me about the confirmation immediately, and with it threw me a challenge.

All he said was, “Papa, here is a chance to prove to the world that what you do, and for which people say you are wasting time (Reiki and Hypnosis), is actually worth it. I want you to heal yourself and do it fast. This is my challenge for you!”

Just imagine what could be going through a person’s mind who was at that moment staring down the barrel of a gun at his death warrant! I didn’t know how to respond, or react.

In those few hours between my son’s challenge and the Doctor’s visit, I mulled over the situation. It was worth accepting, for I had everything to win – get well, I win, Reiki and Hypnosis win, my family wins, we all win!

So, when the doctors came wondering how to break the news to me, I informed them calmly that I knew it was leukaemia. Surprised to see me so calm, they asked me the reason.

I replied, “I have two options available before me, if there is a third, you let me know. The first option I have is I let you and your drugs kill me sooner or later. The next option I have is that I kill this disease and throw it out of my body by myself. Is there a third?” That’s when they asked me how could I be so confident about my option.

I informed them I was an energy-healer and a mind-control healer and explained how my healing modality would work for me, with me. They agreed to let me try out my process, with certain restrictions: Blood test every week, and a couple of simple medicines to be taken to prevent any side-effects.

Here started my personal battle with Cancer! With alternative therapies

 I had to win this battle, come what may. The best part was I had my whole family backing me to the hilt. I got help from my Reiki friends, who kept sending me healing energies on a daily basis, apart from the specialised healing which I was doing for myself. I had set the limits to what others could for me, so as to not interfere with what I was doing.

 I wanted to win over, not survive, this ordeal. 

You may be wondering what gave me this confidence. It so happened that I got into the study of Mind Control (Self Hypnosis) and Reiki around 1992-93 to be able to help myself and my immediate family.

In 2006, my daughter fell ill and finally succumbed to her illness. It made me think whether I could have helped her with what I knew. Was there something more which I should have learned and known?

So, when I got my first access to computers and the internet in 2008 the floodgates of knowledge and connections opened for me. I got to meet some amazing Reiki masters from across the globe, with some of whom I have developed a personal friendship, in the Yahoo! groups and later in Facebook.

They taught me everything I know, in a short time. To add to this, my Hypnosis Guru stood by me, got me to attend all his workshops here in Kolkata, for free, to learn new techniques and NLP, till finally one day he told me to go out to help people and start earning from all that I know. All this before I fell ill myself!

With support from so many well-wishers and friends, could I let them down? No way!

I had to win, and win I did!

Two and a half months after I was detected with Leukemia, my report was that of  a normal human adult. The doctor could not believe it and she did the tests herself to double check the results which were the same as that which I had come to her with.

My medicine dosage were reduced, and now the tests were to be done every three months. Some restrictions as to what and where I could eat or drink were imposed and I was asked to continue doing whatever ‘mumbo-jumbo’ I was doing and take care of myself, with a visit every three months.

It’s been seven years since then. Annual checks are now done, and all my reports are within the normal limits. Save for those viral fever, cough and cold, I have been living a healthy life!

My experience with self-healing increased my determination to help people heal themselves and also teach others whatever I know about these subjects, which I have been doing regularly.

Alternative therapies and practices for the ‘miracle’

In our family, it has been a tradition that we all bow down before the Divine first thing in the morning. Prayers were, and still are, an integral part of my daily routine. This along with the alternate healing therapies which I knew then, and which I learnt subsequently, have helped me in journey.

I am now a Level 18 Grand-Master in Usui Reiki and many other systems. Hypnosis, EFT, Mudras, Pranayam are all a part of my repository today.

I keep reading our Hindu scriptures and I find all “ New Age” learning already exists in them. I write about them in my blogs, which also has a leaning towards health and causes of illness. These are what keeps me fit mentally and physically.

Mantras for life

From all that which I went through, I am convinced about what some New Age Gurus and Mind Control experts say: “Everything starts from the mind and ends up at the physical level. What the mind can create, it can also destroy. Take care of your mind, it will take good care of you in all ways.” 

All that you need is someone to guide you through the process when you are looking for help. Never hesitate to reach out for help. It could save your life as it did mine. And, most important, be grateful for all that you get – good or bad – for there is a lesson in it too.” 


We are very proud to have Dr. Naresh Mintri on board as a Thriive-verified Holistic Wellness Practitioner. You can connect with him HERE.

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