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I’m A Thriiver: How Shikha Mehta found her perfect body weight

I’m A Thriiver: How Shikha Mehta found her perfect body weight

7 Dec, 2018

Shikha Mehta had a breakthrough when she realised it is not just calories that decides one’s body weight. Her journey, in her own words.

Two years ago, I was 30kgs. above my optimum weight. I’d have excruciating pain on my thighs and I couldn’t even sleep. A nerve in my leg got pulled and this made my lower body rigid. I could not move, almost became bedridden. I was listless and wasn’t energetic enough to do things for my kids. My obesity was causing difficulties in my intimate life. Thyroid issues began to plague me. The last straw was that my elder daughter who was around 14 years old began to experience the same issues I had with weight.

I decided that this situation had to change and I was the one who had to make the changes.

Judgemental patterns
As a child I was extremely skinny so my mom put me on homeopathy. Result: I couldn’t stop eating and by Grade 10, I was bloated up like a balloon. My mom suggested yoga and I also started Shiamak Davar’s classes – I’d walk from Walkeshwar to Taraporvala for yoga and back. After college, I’d walk to Shiamak’s classes at Gamdevi. That was a heck of a lot of walking. In 8 months, I’d released 20kgs.

My parents were extremely strong headed and judgemental of me. They were always pointing out things that they felt I had not done well or could have done better. I loved photography and wanted to be a glamour photographer. But my father didn’t want me to be one. I even got a 70% scholarship from an international design school but my parents did not allow me to take that up.

By the time I got married, I had done a catering course and a diploma in commercial art. My in-laws were a patriarchal family and they too were the dominating type.

I began to understand that I was attracting this energy because I had very fluid boundaries – it was difficult for me to set borders. I also realized that all these judgements that were being thrown at me were holding me back from doing what I loved and what I was good at.

Soon, my creativity found an outlet in baking, in organizing birthday parties from scratch, designing handbags and even educational board games for kids. These were partnership ventures which soon fizzled out. This began to get very frustrating.

How not to feel invisible and unwanted
My body weight fluctuated depending on my mental state – whenever I was happy I was skinny and when I was allowing others to bother me I became obese. For most of my married life I have been obese. At that time, I’d have no self-confidence and people would not acknowledge me or respond to my greeting – I felt invisible and unwanted.

It has been one and a half years, I’ve worked on myself and have released all the excess 30kgs – Now they see me through a completely different eye. They call out to me, want to get in touch me. I was talking to a friend and a person I don’t know just came over and introduced himself.

It is all about how you present yourself – What you show the world is what they see. And this is exactly what energy does – it’s your vibe and what you feel about yourself is what your energy will be and that is what you will attract.

Holistic Healing with Alternative Therapies
The journey has been holistic. I started theta healing but realised that my body and energy was more attuned and responded well to Access Consciousness or Access bars.

Access bars has a lot of body processes that change the molecular structures – I also practice energetic facelift that access. While working on the face it also releases the clutter of deeply-entrenched false beliefs about ageing such as the idea that one cannot lose even a pound after the age of 40 and suchlike.

I even practised Pranic Healing. It has something called body sculpting and also Pranic facials- it can be done whether the person is far away or sitting next to you – good thing is you don’t have to touch the person.

Next was Mantra Healing which I self-learnt. By then I had realized that all the weight I was holding mainly on my lower area was all the anger and frustration that was there and I released it through the use of different mantras.

Very recently I launched an unblocking meditation mantra with Bhaktamar – it’s a Jain mantra. It has 48 staznas which are 48 keys to 48 locks. So, I get the person to meditate to prepare the body to receive the mantra which I facilitate to circulate within the body. After the entire process is completed, the body is at rest to allow the energy to settle down.

Eat to live
Foodwise, I’ve experimented with keto, no carbs, naturopathy and so on. They have their plus points but I wanted something that I could adopt as a lifestyle. For over a year, I did not eat outside at all. I cook my own food. I have 2 rotis, veggies, dal, rice, sometimes, bajri, jowari rotis, thalipeeth. I use ghee in my food.

Gary Douglas always said your body needs only homeopathic portions of food – In Indian culture, we say one should eat only what fits on a tulsi ka patta, it sufficed then so it can suffice now – you don’t need food, your body needs food. How much does it need? Are you eating only for yourself or for everyone else? Or are you feeding your emotions?
Everything has actually been like a stepping stone to reach where I need to be, even those people who have taken up roles to trouble me. They have given me the wisdom to understand that I don’t need to buy into their POVs.

At one point, I was aghast to realise I was emulating my parents and being judgemental with my kids. But ever since I went on this path of change, my elder daughter has become proactive about her own health. She now goes jogging in the mornings and is aware of what she is eating. Becoming aware of one’s own actions and asking oneself questions brings us in touch with ourselves. This brings clarity.

Follow this mantra: DESTROY YOUR REATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS! This will give you a chance to create a new relationship with yourself and the permission to leave behind whatever’s not working.


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