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Dancing With The Stars with Thriive’s Global Ambassador Judy Satori – Part II by Sonia Rao

Dancing With The Stars with Thriive’s Global Ambassador Judy Satori – Part II by Sonia Rao

6 Mar, 2018

In Part 1, the truth of 2012 was revealed. Now, we learn the secret behind the number 22 and the message from Lyra.
By Sonia Rao

(Read Part 1 here)

22 is the number of the Master builder.

Now, after 2012, there is a much more powerful God Energy coming from the Galactic Centre of 22 galaxies. These galaxies are configured together in the cosmos in the form of a vast multi-galactic diamond. Judy is able to access and bring through a much more powerful God Energy (raised to the power of 22) from the heart centre of these galaxies.

Judy admitted that along with her group at Ladakh she too received an energy upgrade. Where earlier it was about healing and coming into balance, the newest message that came in from the 22 star-systems was that now it was about expanding and regenerating: going beyond the earlier states of healing and balancing and expanding into abundance.

This also includes regenerating our bodies and getting younger. My ears perked up even more on hearing this (more about this topic HERE).

And then, unexpectedly, the most amazing thing happened.


Judy intercepted a message for me from the Star Council, the Council of El Samom, which came from an interdimensional space. I got goosebumps as she channelled the light language, her hand on my heart.

The words, in Lyran, the language of Lyra, the star system from which I have apparently come to Earth, have the power to open up my energy circles and step up my personal potential. Luckily, I have got the messages recorded and every time I hear them they lift up my spirits immediately.

I was having super-duper luck that day (Thank you, Thriive Art & Soul) because immediately afterwards, I also received energy from Lord Ganesh, channelled by Judy, along with a special message (which ofcourse, I am not sharing here☺).

It was an experience of a lifetime.

What does the Universe require of us? To be open-minded and open-hearted enough to hear the messages It (and the star systems) is sending us in order to activate our true human DNA potential. It is about opening into our multi-galactic understanding that we human beings have the capacity and potential to be much more than we have been able to express till now.

We finished the coffee even as a wedding party outside began doing the bhangra in the rain. As I stepped out of the hotel, mentally preparing myself for a long, long walk, I saw an autorickshaw standing just outside the gates. The nodding yes of the autorickshaw driver to take me to my destination was yet another amazing surprise in an evening of strange happenings.

Ganesha’s and El-Samom’s blessings seemed to have started working already.

(Sonia Rao is the Editor-in-Chief at Thriive Art & Soul)

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