Is acupressure the new botox? |
Is acupressure the new botox?

Is acupressure the new botox?

20 Jan, 2020

The alternative medicine technique of acupressure suggests that life energy flows through some channels in our body. Each meridian is linked to a particular organ of the body. When these energy meridians are targeted, they help in rebalancing Yin, Yang and Qi (Qi is the vital energy that flows through our body, while Yin and Yang is the harmony between opposing elements that make up existence). This practice, when used for facial massage, targets the facial lymph system which removes toxins and promotes overall well-being. Facial acupressure massage promotes circulation of blood in the targeted areas, therefore, reducing bloating and puffiness. It is also said to boost collagen production and lift and tone the facial muscles, restoring vitality and imparting a youthful glow.

Lifestyle habits can have a huge impact on the way your skin looks and feels. If you have a tendency to indulge in a lot of salty food, drinking alcohol and not getting enough sleep, you can wake up with a bloated or puffy face.

Giving yourself a quick facial massage is a great way to look and feel good. All you have to do is use your fingers to apply gentle pressure on each point and massage them in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for 20 seconds each.

Acupressure points for a facelift

Gently apply pressure on the high points of your forehead and then in the area which is in the middle of your eyebrows, right above your pupils. This will calm your mind. Now, move to the outer end of each eyebrow, followed by the inner part of your eye socket, next to the bridge of your nose. This will help release pressure caused by frowning and squinting.

At the base of your cheekbones, apply pressure using your index fingers to activate the pointer. Use the fleshy pads of middle fingers to tap for about 60 seconds. Pay more attention if you feel that you store quite a bit of tension in this particular area.

Move your fingers towards the point between your earlobe and your jaw bone and massage for about a minute. Apply pressure and rub in small but firm circles and melt away jaw tension in no time. Press gently at the centre between your lips and your nose and then move towards the groove where your nostril meets your face. Spend more time on areas that make you relaxed.

Facial massage comes in handy to re-energise yourself, especially after a long day. For maximum benefits make this session part of your everyday routine. You can also add a dash of facial oil, face mist, or serum to reap more benefits and wake up with fresh, dewy and younger-looking skin. But, also remember that it’s important to pair acupressure with healthy lifestyle choices. So, what are you waiting for? Get busy exploring your face for pressure points and say hello to younger-looking you!

With inputs from acupressure, reflexology and naturopathy expert Sadashiv Patil.

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