Is skill power the new ‘call to action’? |
Is skill power the new ‘call to action’?

Is skill power the new ‘call to action’?

6 Jun, 2019

January 1st resolutions are failing. Birthday resolutions are failing. Couple’s anniversary resolutions are failing. Gym memberships are going unused. New workout shoes are still in the box. Goals are getting postponed.


Because we are highly dependent on our willpower to sustain our actions and believe willpower will take us through!

Well, it fades away till we can’t see the willpower ship anymore. So I reflected and realized why the willpower ship is weak!

#1 Willpower works when everything is perfect in some way – great sleep, great morning routine, right food – only then do I feel awesome enough to make it to the gym everyday for example! Well, one night I wouldn’t get good sleep and there goes willpower out of the window! Why? Because the part of the brain that makes high-level and long-term rewards decisions (prefrontal cortex) is handicapped – so good luck to me functioning without that to get to my feet to the gym!

#2 Willpower also gets tired as we go through the day – have you ever wondered how many decisions we make in the day? Yes! They all need willpower – no wonder it is easier to be active at the start of the day and have cravings end of the day! The brain isn’t interested in long term goals and now imagine not having planned a dinner meal! OMG! Do you really think any of us would then eat a healthy meal? No way! We eat whatever we get our hands on!

#3 Willpower doesn’t have tracking progress or reward systems – we are used to this since we were kids! It kept us going to get that candy and that new superhero t-shirt isn’t it? Then why are we thinking that as adults, we wouldn’t need these? Oh for sure we do! Even more when we have so much going on right?

So with the above highly logical reasons, I deliberately let the willpower ship go! After all, I can’t be getting into the same ship year after year, just to ask for a drop off midway right?

I instead got onto another ship – The Skill Power Ship

This one is highly reliable – it takes no chance when it comes to making sure we take action and that is exactly what we want!

Skill power wants to use ‘skills’ – strategic pre-plans put in the right places to make us take action.

For eg:

  • Sleeping with gym clothes so we get to the gym in the morning with less effort.
  • Keep shoes right there when our eyes open – again another clue to get out of bed.
  • Buddy coach message to complete checklist of the day and celebrate your goals with you.
  • Strategic apps for mobility, drinking water and screen time use and more so we are tracking progress!
  • Stacking up a healthy alternative option to lethal sugar foods so that we get our hands on the healthy stuff!

Now read these examples once again to know the difference between willpower and skill power – skill power relies on tangible pre-plans for action!

Now you get it? Add skill power to your life TODAY if you truly don’t want to make the exact same goals next January. 

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