Is the name of your business making you suffer losses |
Is the name of your business making you suffer losses

Is the name of your business making you suffer losses

27 Jul, 2020

Attracting the right vibrations of the numbers and the planets is essential for naming your business. You can always rely on online numerology for it. On the basis of the principles of Numerology, the birth number of a person, the sun sign number and the life path number or the destiny number which is a total of your date of birth are calculated. These numbers should be in sync with your name and the name of your business. If your business name is incorrect as per Numerology, which could be the main reason of suffering losses in your business, alteration of spellings in your name and name of the company or change of name is advised. A business name also provides insights into your personality, so, it is vital to give a correct name for your company. Sumita Goyal, a Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader and Healer provides discusses solutions to stop suffering losses in your business due to an incorrect naming of a company.

A company should be named as per the nature of the business
For entrepreneurs who are into jewellery business, number 6 is a lucky number for them. Number 6 represents Venus. It is the planet of luxury, beauty, peace, love and harmony. For real estate business, number 8 is lucky.  Saturn and Uranus are favourable for a real estate business since they are related to buying and selling of land and property.  For computer analytics business, number 7 which represents Neptune is favourable while for a business in graphic designing, number 5 which represents Mercury is favourable. Numbers 2, 3 and 6  are favourable for salon services while number 9 for a Non Governmental Organisation. Number 1 is favourable for any business. However, for growth in profits in all businesses, it is important to assess the date of birth, life path number, the name of the entrepreneur and the name of the company to match the energies of these favourable numbers.

Colour therapy 
Colours are used as a means to invite energies of favourable planets. For jewellery business, the colours golden and brown are good for fetching profits in a business. For a real estate business, the colours green and brown are good for success.

Alteration in the name of the partner in a business
If there are many partners in a business, the person in the upper most hierarchy who is also actively involved in  the business, his/ her chart should be checked along with the other partners. If there are no common favourable numbers in their charts, then the name of the business can be created in sync with the partner who is the head of the business. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find common numbers between partners in a business. So, the alteration of spelling in the names of the partners and the name of the company is suggested to invoke the energies of the planets.

Altering signature
A signature has to be clear. There should not be any loops in the letters, the signature should not be scribbled with ineligible letters and there should  not be a line and any  dots below the signature or at the end of the signature. These wrong practices of signing documents obstructs our life path and hampers our growth monetarily.

Success stories of clients 
Goyal elucidates the success stories of her clients. One of her clients residing in the United States of America was working as a Chief Executive Officer at a petrochemicals company. She was feeling stagnated and wanted to start her own venture. Goyal advised her to alter the spelling of her name as well as alter the flat number where she was residing. The lady now successfully runs her own business. Another client, who deals in exports business in Germany was facing financial losses due to an incorrect company name. Once the spellings in the company name were altered, the profits received through his business multiplied.

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