Is your anxiety for the new world order valid? |
Is your anxiety for the new world order valid?

Is your anxiety for the new world order valid?

3 Jul, 2020

Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions – Pema Chodron.
The entire world is going through an upheaval currently. Some of us are worried about our jobs, finances, taking care of children’s education, while some of us are working towards keeping our households peaceful and harmonious. All of this is also helping us identify our blocks. This is also making a lot of us worry whether we will be able to survive in the new world that awaits us. Hitesh Vashisht, an expert on Past Life Regression therapy, Rebirthing, Family Constellation and Inner Child Healing, throws light on whether our worry is valid how we can replace worry with love, trust in God, and take our life in the right action.
Accept the situation
Vashisht states that we should only worry, if it’s worth worrying for and if we can transform the existing situation. We should instead replace our worries by loving ourselves and accepting a situation that may be bothering us. We should stay in the present moment and not worry about the future.
Trust yourself
We should trust ourselves and have faith in God. Trust is the deciding factor for how we can reshape our reality, irrespective of the external circumstances. Some of us may have been sacked, facing pay cuts, receiving delayed salaries etc. due to businesses being affected by the pandemic, while some of us may be unnecessarily creating a nest of worries with respect to our career and finances, although the place of employment or our own business maybe doing well.
Do your best and surrender
We should keep doing our best and after we have done everything to excel and there is nothing more than can be done, we should surrender the end results to God. The right action at the right time is equally essential for improving the quality of our lives. For those of us, who may have lost our jobs, it could be a turning point in our lives, for a better job opportunity or starting something new, which we love doing and we always wanted to do. The Universe has infinite possibilities and it’s only our mind that views limitations.
Balance your yin-yang energies
Most of us have been conditioned since childhood to only use our masculine side and we dwell in our thoughts most of the time. This is a good time to connect with our feminine energies, with our heart and stay balanced. While we all have been wearing a physical mask, the masks that we are so used to,  putting across a facade to the world, is now coming off. Relationships are going through major  upheaval. Vashisht says that our loved ones always trigger our shadow aspects and most of us may not like to deal with it. He believes that we are moving towards having more loving and harmonious relationships with ourselves and with our loved ones and those who do not want to wish to change with the times, relationships will become increasingly difficult or they are likely to move away from each other completely.
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