It is never too late to start what you want to do |
It is never too late to start what you want to do

It is never too late to start what you want to do

6 Dec, 2019

Changing your career to the opposite side of the pole at 35 is scary! But sometimes you got to feel the fear and do it anyway! Yes, it was a big step for me but I look back with a smile on my face.

So here I want to share that don’t late unnecessary barriers come in the way – most important one is our head! And while you might argue it is easier said than done, I wouldn’t argue back but just ask you to take one step at a time. 

Here are some suggested steps if you are on that spot right now – you know you want to do something but don’t know where to start or don’t have the courage to do it. 

STEP 1: Get inspired

Social media and the digital world is not at all bad – in fact it can give you exactly what you desire. So now desire to get inspired! Watch videos, case studies, ted talks, listen to podcasts and meet real-life examples so on and so forth! Get inspired and know that many have traveled this path. 

STEP 2: Change your narrative

We don’t need to fake this but we can always make it a little bit more forward-looking – “I know I am feeling different kinds of fear but I am inspired and I am excited as well – maybe I can take one step”. We are acknowledging the fear but we are also expressing the excitement! This can be a constant voice – while you prepare yourself and even when you take that step

STEP 3: Challenging baby steps 

This can we daily or weekly – put them down and make a commitment. If you ask me, this is where it all changes. When I took the first one, the next one was easier and the third one was even easier. So if you cross this step, just know you are on the journey 😉 

STEP 4: Build an ecosystem 

Even when we were younger, we had a teacher when we learned new things, a coach when we learned a new sport, a friend who joined us in the class – so that same rule applies here. Having a powerful ecosystem feels comforting and empowering – be it great friends, professional coach, mentor, etc. 

STEP 5: Embrace the pain 

The thing is we feel once we are on that path, we shouldn’t feel any pain or any discomfort. That isn’t even realistic, right? The pain is there but it is to make us stronger, take more responsibility, bring more determination – so its best to know from the start that this is one part we need to be prepared for.

STEP 6: Make learning your motto

When you see this as your life’s biggest learning experiment, you have a whole new outlook – we see this as our life’s purpose and something we will look back and feel proud of regardless of the outcome

Don’t let age, conditioning, environment or anything else tell you that it is late. Because it never is!

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