Journaling - a life changing habit to start during the lockdown |
Journaling – a life changing habit to start during the lockdown

Journaling – a life changing habit to start during the lockdown

4 May, 2020

Trying to find a way t channeling your energy and thoughts during the lockdown? Try maintaining a journal! Journaling is putting our thoughts on a piece of paper without any judgement. Kavita Panyam, a Psychologist and a Wellness coach discusses how we should do journaling and why it is important. She elucidates how it helps to alleviate negative experiences, thoughts, emotions, anxiety, stress, anger, negative belief systems and helps us raise our vibration, especially during the lockdown.

How to do journaling?

Panyam emphasizes that journaling should be done through writing only. We should not use a computer, laptop or a mobile phone for journaling. The practice of writing flexes our muscles, improves our immunity, makes us feel happier and healthier, and regulates our emotions. Releasing day to day stress through journaling increases the feel-good factor within us and we naturally tend to become more positive and happier, which also improves our wellness and boosts our immunity.

Find a quite place

We should ensure that when we do journaling, we have enough room for ourselves and the space chosen does not have any clutter or noise. Find a disturbance free space.

Be disciplined

Journaling should be done daily and we can even allocate a specific time in the evening for it. Do not practice journaling in the morning, if you are only going to write about negative experiences, because it is not ideal to start our day with heavy emotions and revisiting negative experiences.

Do not judge yourself or your thoughts

While journaling, do not judge. Do not ruminate on any thoughts, feelings and emotions that may be experienced while journaling.

Journaling releases negative experiences

If we harbour any ill feelings about ourselves or anybody else, through journaling we can release it completely over a period of time. Writing and internalising helps feelings and thoughts come to surface, and through writing we can come to terms with these thoughts, and eventually release them.

Helps in achieving a breakthrough

Once we are in a neutral state of mind and the negativity is released through journaling, we start feeling good about ourselves. It eventually leads to a breakthrough.

Builds self awareness

We become more self aware about our weaknesses and strengths and who we truly our at our core consciousness. We stop identifying ourselves with the opinion of others or what they think about us.

Feel-good factor

It helps us realise that there is so much more to life apart from our problems, stress and anxiety.

Shifts our perspective

It shifts your perspective completely towards yourself and how you view others, and you will be amazed to discover your new self. It makes you have a different positive approach towards life.

Holistic approach

If maintaining the journal is mostly about negative experiences, then we should not do it by ourselves. It should be done with the help of a therapist who will help us to process our emotions.

Releases suppressed anger

If we are angry at someone for any reason and we have not been able to release it over the years, we should write whatever we feel. Do not send that letter to the person. Feel whatever comes up while doing the exercise and once we feel better, we can tear or burn the letter.

Be mindful about journaling

Write only about the present. Do not write anything about the past or ponder over the future. This should be done in the evening for 15 minutes.

Gratitude journal and good moments journal

a) Maintain a good moments journal

We can also keep a separate journal for writing our good moments. It helps us to raise our vibration. We can write along with placing photographs in the journal.

b) Gratitude Journal

A separate journal for thanking the Universe for all the good things in life should be maintained. It helps to raise our vibration.

We hope journaling helps you to raise your consciousness. To connect with any of our experts CLICK HERE.

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  1. writing about something unpleasant which occurred a month ago has to be written about as one mistake changed one’s life


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