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June Numerology forecast – Get ready for new beginnings

June Numerology forecast – Get ready for new beginnings

6 Jun, 2020

The month of June  sees the onset of two eclipses – the lunar eclipse on 5th June and the solar eclipse on 21st June ! Eclipses are harbringers of Truth ! This is the universe’s way of creating change, progress and productivity. This is the right time to clear any debris that we need to Let Go Off ! This month you will rediscover your true self and stand up for what you believe in with courage and determination!

As per Numerology , June 2020 signifies new beginnings in many ways. New thoughts and new ways of living and doing things will evolve. From now on we will need to take this time  to making foundational changes in our lives especially with regards to family and work. Alignment will take place at our deepest levels.Due to the eclipses expect some confusion and going back and forth on things. Be very clear in your communication to avoid issues.
Now, the world will open up to a much larger degree and there will be a huge emphasis on country and the world at large. Healing and transformation will take place at all levels. Due to this collective change in the human consciousness, a new world order is being initiated with much more acceptance and less discrimination!

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