Know the power of whirling with Zia Nath at the global festival of spiritual sciences |
Know the power of whirling with Zia Nath at the global festival of spiritual sciences

Know the power of whirling with Zia Nath at the global festival of spiritual sciences

18 Sep, 2019

Dancing is a physical activity. Whirling is also physical activity. When you combine the two- it can turn into a meditative reality. That’s what we realized at Thriive Art & Soul when we first saw India’s foremost sacred danseuse, whirling expert, and Tedx performer Zia Nath. 

Two decades ago, she was introduced to Gurdjieff’s sacred dance movements at the Osho Ashram at Pune. And so, began her journey in sacred dance. Studying sacred dance forms from ancient cultures became her passion. This led her to form Realms of Dance – a confluence of Sufi whirling movements and the traditional Odissi dance form. 

She has been inspired by not just Gurdjieff and Rumi but also Sant Kabir, Zen Masters & Osho. A self-taught whirler, a TedX performer and an International teacher of sacred whirling, she has proven the efficacy of whirling in a big way. 

What is whirling?

“Whirling is a beautiful technique that helps us to move into meditation easily. It allows us to hold the polarity of forces together in a unified presence – the forces of movement and turning, which is held in balance by the fulcrum of stillness within us,” says Zia Nath.

Given that whirling is a form of meditation that brings in balance, stability, strength, and silence within, it is one of the best ways to include wellness in your lifestyle. Practiced by mystics such as Rumi, Shamz, Kabir, Gurdjieff, and others, this is a form of moving meditation, whirling is unique as it centres us by balancing motion and stillness.

That’s why we, at Thriive Art & Soul decided to have whirling workshops regularly and the go-ahead to launch this sacred dance Whirling Mandala community.  

What’s Whirling Mandala?

Whirling Mandala is the first of its kind community in India. What is Whirling? Is it a dance? Is it a form of meditation? Just to know the power of Whirling and learn it well, we suggest you come to attend the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS).

Whirling Mandala is a way to bring equilibrium to your nervous system. Whirling helps to calm your nerves and lighten your spirit. If you are tired, stressed or overwhelmed, this form of unique meditation can help in revitalizing your system.

Why come to GFSS 2019 for this?

Movement & Meditation: Whirling Mandala™ Workshop by Zia Nath

Experience whirling dances inspired by the ancient gypsy, ghumrao, and Sufi traditions. Turning movements, such as whirling, create a momentum of energy that turns us within. In this session, whirl with Zia Nath and find your inner light, guided by your inner compass.

Know more about Zia Nath’s session here:

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