Know your personal numeroscope for 2019 to help you make it your best year yet! |
Know your personal numeroscope for 2019 to help you make it your best year yet!

Know your personal numeroscope for 2019 to help you make it your best year yet!

29 May, 2019

Let’s understand the magic of numbers. In numerology, with the help of our birth day and month and the universal year (2019) we can calculate our very own personalised reading for the year. This will tell us how this year, 2019, will pan out for us. What are the kind of trends, vibrations, external and internal circumstances we can expect to happen in these 12 months. When equipped with this information, we can optimise our potential for the year.

The Universal Number for 2019

On a universal scale, 2019 adds up to Number 3. This makes it a creative year, one of self-expressions for the Universe at large. Many truths will be spoken, books will be written, arts and communication skills will be at the forefront. 2019 is a year to celebrate life, improve it, expand it and increase your circle of brotherhood.

Your Personal Year for 2019

Now, let’s calculate what it means individually for each and every one of us. Do remember this will run in parallel with the universal vibrations of Number 3.

Do you know what’s your personal year? Okay, let me show you how to calculate it:

Add your birth date + your birth month + the universal year. Reduce all of these to a single digit and you will get your personal year for 2019.

Eg.1  –  If your birth date is 15th October, then your personal year in 2019 will be:

15 + 10+ 2019
6 + 1+ 12
6+1+3= 10/1
Hence the PY will be 1.

Eg. 2 – Birth date 22nd November

22+ 11+ 2019
22+11+3 = 36/9
Hence the PY will be 9.

Eg. 3 – Birth date 5th March

5+3+3= 11
Hence the PY will be 11 (and not 2)

Personal years will be from 1 to 9 and 11 and 22. We do not reduce 11 and 22 as these are Master Energy numbers and carry a higher vibration.

Enjoy calculating and reading your own personal numeroscope for 2019. Apply its advice to your own life and make it your best year yet.


When the personal year is 1, it means standing strong and firm on our own ground/ ideals and purposes – daring to think and be along our own independent lines.

In year 1, we sow the seeds of what we want to manifest for the next 9 years in our life. This is the year in which we give birth to our dreams. We try to conceptualize how to put them into action. If we listen carefully, our heart and soul will guide us to the right path we need to follow.

In this year we’ll find the courage to not give up but to stand strong in our beliefs. In year 1 we see new activity and renewed passion and vigor. It’s the year surrounded by possibilities and priorities.

Pro-tip: Sit on your horse and go charging into the world!


 In personal year 2, we need associations, relationships, friendships and bonds. This is the year to work with others to give momentum to our ideas. This year we look for new friends and through them new opportunities and privileges. Harmonious relationships with people, situations and things will help us reach the top of our personal accomplishments. Tact, teamwork, diplomacy and attention to details will reign supreme.

 Pro-tip: Music will be the balm to your soul in this year.


 Personal year 3 is a happy year, filled with warmth, popularity and opportunity. This year is all about hope and fruition. This is a great year for creative self-expression – especially for writing and publishing. New things appear. It is the year of expectations, rejoicing and satisfaction.

Pro-tip: The sun is shining throughout this year. Make hay.

Personal Year 4: FORM / STRUCTURE

 In the personal year 4, it’s time to create form and structure around our ideas. This year calls for hard work and organization with clear direction and control. This is the year to lay the foundation of the success that we wish to build. This is the year for planned action. Roll up your sleeves and get down to work – success will be yours.

 Pro-tip: Conserve your energy; work, work and work.


 The year 5 is the year of personal freedom, change, travel, new opportunities, new hope, new friends, new loves and new endeavours. It is the year to let go of the old and bring in the new. This is the year of new experiences and expansions. Change is the only constant in this year. It’s great for people in sales, marketing and even film direction. Breakthroughs come from movement and change.

Pro-tip: This is the year of temptations and indulgences, so use freedom constructively. Listen to your body.


 The year 6 is the year of divine protection. You will gravitate towards home, love, children, domesticity and responsibilities. It will bring comfort, friends and the joy of living with our people, things and situations. This is the year for harmony and sorting out relationships and situations. Year 6 stands for marriage, love and having kids, but also for taking care of your loved ones and/or doing community service. Your heart desires to hover around your home and loved ones.

Pro-tip: Home is where the heart is.


 This is the year of introspection. In year 7, we generally like to have a lot of me-time. This is the year for retreat, rest and rejuvenation through introspection. It is the time for journeying within and finding your True Self. This is the year to connect with your spiritual guides.

 Pro-tip: Have faith, faith and faith.


 8 is the year of renewed action. In this year, we must think, plan, act and move with a master hand. Success comes to us because we are driven! 8 means power, publicity, approval and positions of great eminence, big business, CEO-promoter positions and accumulating and managing large resources. It is the year of big things and big opportunities as we have a driving need to find large success and physically pursue our dreams. Pranayama, yoga and breathing exercises will help you channel your unbridled energy.

 Pro-tip: Use strength and power with benevolence. Be a true leader.


9 is the year of Universal Consciousness which encompasses all the years before it. This year, people, opportunities and situations that don’t need to continue with us in our life, any further, will reach climax. Waters will be tested and forces will need to be balanced. This is the year to experience the full measure of ourselves. We will meet everything that we can accomplish on all planes. Whatever is in arrears must be brought up to a finish. Things that have dragged on for a long time, situations that have been unsatisfactory, people who have blocked our progress – all these will assume a challenging position and could hinder our own growth.

Through love and service, we must send ourselves on, past all difficulties. The 9 is also a year of love, friendship and happiness. We find that everything helps us and our desires are accomplished if we dare to be strong and hold fast to what we know to be true. The year 9 is the heart of life. As we pass through it we have only to keep a pure heart and a clean non-resisting heart.

 Pro-tip: Decide to give back to society and Universe at large.


 This is another “inner year” – like the 7. This is the time for ideals to light up whatever we do. Its only concern is with inside growth; it checks us up on the principles we have been using – in business or with people. Our attention is likely to be called to many spiritual and psychic matters during the year, and we may acquire new type of illuminations to pass on to others. This is also the year of rebellion and thinking beyond the ordinary.

 Pro-tip: A Master Energy Year

Personal Number 22: MASTER BUILDER

 22 is the year to visualize and manifest on the largest scale possible. The vibration belongs to humanity at large and has little personal concern. This is the year to put your unimaginably large dreams to practical use for Universal good. Dealings can be on large international scales. Heads of State, CEOs, Executives, Promoters, and Heads of large international institutions come into full force in this year.

Pro-tip: Throttle on full steam ahead. Also a Master Energy Year.

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Gita Hariani is a corporate banker by profession with 20 plus years of client servicing experience across the Indian private sector and foreign banks. A qualified numerologist, tarot reader and healer by passion with a decade of deep studies under her belt. Numbers speak to her and she loves doing detailed numerology reports. To her this comes as easy as reading a life story. Mother of two beautiful children, an avid traveller, loves to experience different cultures through her travels. Lives life in Gratitude.
We are proud to have Gita Hariani on board as a Thriive-verified numerologist. You can connect with her HERE.

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