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Learn from experts the secrets to having an empowered day, everyday, including weekends!

Learn from experts the secrets to having an empowered day, everyday, including weekends!

25 Mar, 2019

A wise person once said, “Well begun is half done.” And a day begun well will put a contented smile on your face when you go to bed. But if your day begins with you immersing yourself in WhatsApp or Facebook, then you’re on the fast track to nowhere.

How can we then make sure our day is fruitful? We spoke about this to some our Masters and they shared these practices with which we can power up our days:

1) Trust in connection

“In the morning when your first wake up, welcome yourself back from the dream world. Wrap your arms around yourself and call in your ancestors, teachers, guides and spirits. Ask them for help and guidance throughout the day. When you step out of bed take time to feel the energy coming from the EARTH. Allow it to connect and ground you. Imagine your feet sinking into the EARTH and bringing you nourishment for your day. During the day, eat with intent – allowing it to nourish your soul. When WATER first touches your body (a drink of WATER, washing your hands, washing your face/showering) ask the WATER to help you reside with the peace within you and to align you with your feelings/balance.” ~ Susan Hough

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Susan Hough began her healing journey as in the traditional mental health sector but after 20 years of practice she realized it was not her path. Serendipitously, she met Sobonfu Somé, a Daraga Teacher under whom Susan trained in Daraga wisdom through indigenous rites and rituals. She is a Life Coach and also  founded ‘Living Your Gifts’ to help people empower themselves.

2) Enter the no-mind state

“Simply practice meditation. Cross your legs and sit and just observe your breath. The whole purpose is to become thoughtless, enter the no- mind state.” ~ Shreans Daga

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Shreans Daga, vice-chairman of Pyramid Valley International,  was born into a religious but non-spiritual family. A negative personal situation sent him into depression. But once he discovered meditation it transformed his life completely. It has become his life mission to spread the message of meditation as far and wide as possible. One of the ways he does this is through facilitating hundreds of masters in spreading their light through the world. He also guides people to create an empowered reality for themselves.

3) We are the authors of our own story

“It is vital to remember that we are each the authors of our own story and not only can we write it based on perception and also by extension we are just characters in other people’s stories and to not take anything personally.” ~ Greg Friedman

(Read the full article here)

Greg Friedman, a Spiritual Guide and Mentor, builds bridges and creates the path from ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures to its application in everyday life. He also hosts ‘Inner Journey with Greg Friedman’ – an FM radio program that features renowned masters from the field of wellness and healing. His vast and deep knowledge of indigenous rituals and ceremonies make him the perfect guide for journeys into the Amazon Rainforest to work with and do ceremonies with indigenous elders.


Sonia Rao is Editor in Chief at Thriive Art & Soul.


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