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Learn the art of love at the Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences

Learn the art of love at the Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences

9 Sep, 2019

Everyone loves love! Our souls crave love–to receive it, to give it, to be aligned with it. It’s the stuff that the greatest stories and songs are made of, with the power to move mountains. Yet, at some point or the other, love eludes many of us. Want to learn how to create abundant love, and stay in a state of constant alignment with love? Come to GFSS 2019 to learn the art of love- from the best: Katrina Marinc.

Katarina Marinc is a founder, teacher, author and a channel of LLTT-Living Teachings & Technology comprehending 22 Universal Laws, 13 Universal Portals, the Diamond Grid Unity Consciousness Technology, and a unique Living L.O.V.E. method. LLTT is a fruit of 25 years of research, study, professional experience and spiritual everyday practice. Katarina is bringing back long-forgotten knowledge about the universal laws & the universal principles of life that govern all universe, all creation, and all life. Katarina helps people align to, manifest and action their true identity and purpose to become their highest version of themselves – to live conscious, victorious, prosperous and creative lives and co-create together for the greater good of humanity and Earth.

Question: When did you realize that ‘The Universal Law of Living Love’ was the right calling for you?

Answer: Already when I was a small girl, I couldn’t understand why people are sometimes not polite, not respectful, why they can be mean, why they tell lies, why they don’t want always the best for the other? It was as if all my being that I only knew love but I was experiencing, seeing, hearing, feeling, witnessing a lot of non-love. It was as if I landed on the wrong planet! Fortunately, there was one person who helped me feel not so strange and alone and that was my mother. What a relief- she came from the same planet, from the same universe of love… But I was only five when I learned in a shocking and traumatic way what happens when people act out of love: my mother’s soul broke apart because of continuous psychic pressure of one family member and she never fully recovered. 

So, my decision to find the way to prevent the violence, the abuse -seen or hidden, the suffering, the lack of love, the lack of compassion, the lack of humility was at the age of five. At that time I didn’t understand that I decided for the living of ‘The Universal Law of Living Love’, but I did decide this and now I am proud of that little girl’s decision and infinitely grateful to my mother who kept telling me that my story could be different than hers, that I can write my own story, free of family luggage and free of suffering. She helped me not to give up on love and my sensitive nature and continue to have faith in myself, people and life.

Q: How has the journey been for you so far? 

A: My life’s journey started to be very serious, conscious and with lots of responsibilities at a very early age. As if I first needed to be an adult in a child’s body and only now I can also allow myself to be playful and joyful as children are and completely me. I spent my first 15 years of professional career in teaching English, French and being a teacher trainer and somewhere in the middle of this timeline, when I was around 30, I also started to indulge in different alternative ways of healing (Planetary healing rays, Bach Flower essences, Crystal Healing Rays, past life regression) because my body fell seriously ill and I needed to heal it, as well as to take care of my mind and soul. 

At the very first initiation into the healing Ray of Gaia-Mother Earth I got grounded, back into my body (as if a big part of me went out at that traumatic childhood incident), my intuition opened immensely and that was a beginning of me becoming and serving as a healer, therapist and a channel and also regaining my health, strength, and power.

Q: What shall be the talking points of your discussion at the 12th GFSS 2019?

A: I will present the teachings and technology of the Universal Law of Living Love: what Love really is and how to action love in practical ways, in all areas of our lives. The Universal Laws are the living principles of life and all creation. When we live according to these principles – in words, thoughts, and actions, we live with the currents of life & the Universe and not against them. The Universal Law of Living Love is the basic law that keeps all the other laws working and operating. 

Q: How has this path transformed you as an individual?

A: On my journey to living love, I learned that peace, harmony, compassion, courage, victory, sacred marriage, abundance, good health- are all different forms of love and that they are a true human nature. I believe that only by consciously observing, learning, practicing and actioning these different forms of love, we become human and therefore divine. So living love is my personal way of living – my personal lifestyle and also my life’s long service work, vision, and mission.

Q: How can this path help in transforming the lives of our readers in their daily life?

A: I teach 22 Universal Laws, through a revolutionary Living L.O.V.E. method. Through this method, you learn the teachings – the principles of each law: what is love manifestation, courage, abundance- is and how to live/manifest them.  It’s like when you buy a new phone and you read the instructions on how to program and use the phone.

The Universal Laws instruct you to operate in life so that you know to use your body, mind, emotions, and soul for a good, happy and healthy life. You learn to be connected to your true Self and to the Universe at the same time and life can finally support and sustain you as it was always meant to be.

Q: Is there any one incident that you would like to share with us?

A: I love Mother Earth and I love to live on Mother Earth. The connection to and appreciation of Mother Earth was passed onto me through my grandmother, the second grand lady of inspiration and admiration in my life. She had many qualities, and one of them was her incredible love for nature, for Mother Earth, for the soil, for the flowers, herbs and her orchards and fields on her far.

Today I will share with you a ‘beanstalks story’. I still remember putting five beans (and not more and not less), every spring, in every hole in the soil, with patience and love. And this was not a small mission because my granny’s fields were long, very long. And then, one autumn, when we were collecting the beans from the beanstalks, I was maybe six years old, I dropped a few beans accidentally on the soil.

My granny looked at me kindly, and she said in the most caring, soft, loving voice possible: ‘Kati, pick them up, Kati pick the beans up, they are so precious, Mother Earth gave birth to them.’ Thank you, granny – my great messenger, of humility towards Mother Erath, our home.

Q: What message would you like to give our readers?

A: Living Love is a voyage – a journey. A journey to the Self. To remember who you are and why you are here. We are LOVE and we are here to LIVE LOVE. We are LIVING LOVE. We don’t need to become love, we already are Love. We just need to get out of our  ‘Amnesia of Love’ and remember and action love. Only by living love (that we are), we can be happy, healthy and whole.

Einstein said that when scientists will give visibility to love they will find a formula for love, they will find a secret to the Universe. But we don’t need to wait for the scientists to discover it and even if they discover it, we still need to use this formula,-we still need to action it.
A cookery recipe never cooked a meal, right?  So let’s make love visible, to the best of our capacities and potentials always in all ways! And I thank all the readers for every loving word, for every loving thought, for every caring gesture, for every peaceful prayer that you have ever given out into the world. Love is for giving and therefore, we shall receive.

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