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Learn the purpose of merging body-mind with soul-mind at the 12th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences

Learn the purpose of merging body-mind with soul-mind at the 12th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences

19 Aug, 2019

Thriive Art & Soul is back with its 12th empowering edition of India’s larger than life “soul festival.” We have loads of surprises lined up for you! Some well-known international speakers include Judy Satori, Andrew Cohen, Dr. Laura Hof, Katarina Marinc, Nipa Asharam, Rivesh Vade, and Jerome Boujon.

Judy Satori is an internationally acclaimed author, ascension activator, spiritual teacher and way-shower. Her role is to transmit energy words of the new creation, “Ultralight”, energy capable of creating rapid alchemical change to both body and mind, working at the level of the DNA and cellular template. She describes this energy sources from “Beyond the Beyond”, a more expanded energy source of God, or Universal Creation energy. Judy channels multi-dimensional energy languages that can help recode & reactivate the human DNA to regenerate dormant mind and soul power potential and enhance physical vitality.

Judy is an energy conduit for spirit, a step-down transformer between Heaven and Earth. She is the author of “Sunshine Before the Dawn”, book one of a five-part Ascension series. In an exclusive E-Mail interview with us, she discusses a few things that you need to know about her attendance at the Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS) 2019:

Question: When did you realize that studying the path of the soul was the right calling for you?

Answer: I am an Ascension catalyst and activator. The purpose of Ascension is to merge body-mind with soul-mind. It is the integration of more of the soul’s true authenticity and light.  It is the merging of the true and authentic soul vibration into physical human existence. This merging back into the I AM is the path of the soul-less travelled, as most human beings don’t get to this reconnection with soul while in human physical life.

Q: How has this journey of ‘Path of the Soul Less Travelled’ been for you so far?

A: I have worked with Spirit as an energy conduit, spiritual channel, and teacher for the past 22 years. At times it has been a challenging journey, but as I continue to walk this path of my soul’s truth and purpose in this lifetime I am enriched and blessed beyond measure.

Q: What shall be the talking points of your discussion at the 12th GFSS 2019?

A: “Who are you really? Are you a soul having a human experience, or a human being with a divine, God-given component, that you sometimes feel and sometimes don’t?”

Finding these answers will be one of the purposes of my talks. I am a spiritual channel…what I say is transmitted as I say it.  I will be introducing much new information about the Path of the Soul and the soul’s coming into physical existence. I will be transmitting information and energy that will assist people to be their best, authentic version of self, so that the true LIGHT of the soul can shine through heart, body, and mind. The love vibration is the catalyst and opening for incredible change, personal empowerment, activation of potential and upgrades on every level of being. I speak and transmit energy words of a new creation that are received into the DNA and cellular template.

Q: How has this path of learning multi-dimensional energy languages transformed you as an individual?

A: The energy words of a new creation that I speak I have not learned.  This is an ability and a gift that has been activated in me by Spirit so that I might play a role on Earth at this time of Ascension that is designed to switch on previously dormant DNA potential to express.  This is in line with a human species upgrade and a divinely designed ASCENSION plan.

Q: How can this path help in transforming the lives of our readers in their daily life?   

A: I am not teaching, or introducing any particular path to follow.  We all need to be sovereign unto ourselves and be guided by our own inner guidance.  I am discussing the anchoring of more of the authentic truth of the soul and soul LIGHT into the physical self and into one’s life.

Q: What message would you like to give our readers?

A: You are so much more than you might right now know yourself to be. My role with Spirit is to activate that TRUTH and help you express it in every aspect of your life.

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