Life after lockdown - habits we should not give up |
Life after lockdown – habits we should not give up

Life after lockdown – habits we should not give up

25 Jun, 2020

The lockdown has been tough, but it has also pushed us to learn new skills, develop new habits, and take up chores that we otherwise wouldn’t have. We have been pushed to stay indoors, the result of which is that we have had time to reflect within and implement on the outside. A lot of us have created a wholesome routine for ourselves, something that we should continue even post lockdown. Geeta Hansaria, a wellness coach and Homeopath, shares a few habits that we can modify, given that we will be returning to our time-crunched schedules, and continue even post-lockdown.

  • Spiritual practices: So many of us have picked up practices like meditating, chanting, saying affirmations, or other practices that helps us reflect and find our place of calm and peace. The lockdown has been a great time spiritually, as a lot of us have used this time to work on our inner selves and raise our vibrations. Once we return to our regular lives with deadlines and reaching office on time, we can still find time to meditate. Maybe we can’t spare 30 minutes, but we definitely can set aside 5-10 minutes.
  • Hygiene practices: We have been finicky about cleanliness – and that’s a good thing. We have been making sure to not touch our faces, or touch surfaces that we shouldn’t be anyway. We have been washing and cleaning our hands more, even keeping our clothes and surrounding clean. This is such a welcome habit, so why give it up?
  • Doing your own chores: No househelp means we have been tending to our chores all this while. Isn’t it more fulfilling to do your work? Cleaning your space, watering your plants, doing your dishes on your own! And we have realised that it’s not that difficult, right! So why not continue that? Maybe not a full-fleged deep-cleaning every third day, but we can definitely take up one chore to do ourselves, even if it something as simple as keeping your bedside table organised.
  • Cooking: When you cook yourself, you are more mindful of what you eat. You know exactly what has gone into making your meal, how you have cooked it, how have you added flavour and how fresh it is. Also, cooking is a very relaxing activity. If you have been cooking alone, or with your partner, try to do that once in a while even after life gets busy.
  • Spending time with family: Of course, we always valued our family but now that we have spent so much time in close quarters, we value them even more. We have learnt things about our family that we may not have known. We have relived love, companionship, friendship, warmth, and a lot more. Make it a point to have some family time, no matter how busy your schedule is.

The lockdown has taught us quite a few life lessons. It is only wise to remember the important ones and inculcate it in our daily lives.

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