Life is unpredictable! How to live it fully |
Life is unpredictable! How to live it fully

Life is unpredictable! How to live it fully

4 May, 2020

The pandemic has come face to face with mortality. It has shown us that life is unpredictable, it can change and throw us off-balance anytime. So what is the lesson that we need to learn from this – that we need to make the most of days. We need to live fully, we need to live a life of awareness. More than anything else, we need to design a life that we love. Deepa Mahesh, a Thriive expert and Life Coach says, “This pandemic and lockdown is a great lesson for us to start living more mindfully. We can all take valuable lessons and live a better, more fulfilling life.”

Here are a few ways to live mindfully:

  • Prioritise self-love: We have responsibilities to fulfill, roles to play, and a to-do list that goes on forever. With the lockdown, we all have understood the importance of sometimes standing still. Use this lesson to prioritise self-love. Give yourself the time and freedom to listen to your thoughts and honoring your feelings. Indulge in things that make you happy. Take up a course or hobby that you have been wanting to. Travel.
  • Build your tribe: The biggest support have been our families and friends. There have been times when you either have been thankful for the people you have been locked down with, or wished to be locked down with certain people. Focus on the people who make you happy and match your vibe. Find and appreciate people who make you happy, who uplift you and raise your vibrations.
  • Work on your inner-peace: True happiness comes from within, and that has been established well by this lockdown. It is now time to work on your inner peace. There are many ways you can do so. If you need help trying to find a way that works with you, you can connect with our therapists by CLICKING HERE.
  • Indulge in love: Your family, your friends, your pets have stood with you in these trying times. You al have survived something major together, and you will agree, it is better to do it with the people you love. Stay in touch with your loved ones, check on them, go out with them, spend time with them. Show them that you value them.

We all want to live a happy life. A life that is full and makes us reflect on our blessings. And it is up to us to build a life like that.

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