Life lessons learnt from the lockdown |
Life lessons learnt from the lockdown

Life lessons learnt from the lockdown

7 Aug, 2020

Home is where the heart is

How apt is this quote in this COVID 19 times. Normally power productive people like me cannot stay home. But during these testing times as an ode to humanity, we all need to stay home and stay safe. But the biggest question for business owners is “How to stay at home and be calm” – a statement to really ponder upon, but do we have any choice?

So why not utilize this time at its best. I have named this tough time as “my quarantine quest”. I am using all my mental toughness to cope up with this situation. Many of you may be wondering that do you even need to use your mental toughness during a ‘staycation’. If you are super power is being productive, then yes, you need mental toughness to constantly be on your toes. 

Being a business woman all my life, I was never acquainted to household chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. But since house helps of any type are not allowed due to the lockdown, I have to manage all the chores single-handedly. Three hours of my morning goes into these tough tasks. By mid-noon, I am totally drained out in the soaring heat in-spite of all the air-conditioners. 

Frustration levels soar up as my business chores take a back seat. In the first week itself, my entire routine went for a toss. Right from my coffee break, lunch time to exercise routine, all turned upside down. I felt I was standing on an angry volcano. But on the 9th day of  my staycation, I decided that I had enough of these not-so comfortable emotions. It is high time that I undergo a ‘quarantine quest’. So my walk towards the unexpected and abrupt changes began. We humans have an amazing natural code wired in our minds to meltdown into sudden changes. Only thing is we need to take conscious efforts to get into the change and an adaptability zone.

Since the past few days, as I mentioned above, I have started using my mental toughness. I am now dividing my day into 3 equal halves, my first half in performing household chores (phew! what a tough task), 2nd half in doing all my work related to my construction business and the last half, i.e. late evenings to extremely late nights, in designing my super exclusive online business coaching programme, (by the way, my exercise regime still needs to be sorted but soon will find a way out of it.)

To add a dash of humor to this, I have also started resonating with the temperaments of my employees and household helps which was usually overlooked due to my super busy work routines. 

Also a super salute and deep respect towards the medical staff, BMC workers, entire police task force, staff of super-markets and all those who are making our lives comfortable at the cost of their own lives.

My fascination for stayactions or holidays do not last for more than a week due to my hyper productive nature. But I am on a quarantine quest and no matter what, I have to accept this change the way millions of hyper productive people around the globe are accepting. Sometimes I wonder what if tomorrow the world accepts the notion of ‘work from home’. In a normal situation it would have sent chills throughout my mind and body, but in this scenario I am working wonderfully towards it.

Of course this concept works wonders from the social distancing point of view, maybe in a temporary phase, but can the seriousness and quantum of work be done under this concept? Really feeling weird with this idea itself. But accepting it gracefully is the way of life. I could have never imagined how this stayaction is now doing miracles for me!

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