Neena Gupta, Lilly Singh+4 strong women who are redifining fashion! |
Neena Gupta, Lilly Singh+4 strong women who are redifining fashion!

Neena Gupta, Lilly Singh+4 strong women who are redifining fashion!

5 Mar, 2020

In a world of Bollywood inspired fashion, it is difficult to find fashion role models for young girls and women who are not models or actresses or any other profession where being fashionable is par for the course. We looked for inspiring women from different walks of life and of all ages. 

And, there are women achievers who defy all odds to be successful at what they love to do. For these women their fashion is an extension of their personality. These are the women who define their own fashion and remind us that fashion is not only by the millennials for the millennials? Sure, hashtags like #ootd and #fashionblogger have been adopted by 20 somethings on Instagram, but who are they looking up to? All the women who made it to this list are the icons for today’s woman, both young and old. 

Lilly Singh, also known as SuperWoman to all YouTubers

Lilly shot to fame to be the only woman, and that too a brown one at that, to host a late-night talk show on American television. Unlike her male counterparts, she decided to glam up her suits and wore dapper outfits in metallic hues and all kinds of colours. She also did a hilarious monologue trashing female fashion where she spoke about how in order to look good women are expected to be uncomfortable all day. Spanx and pantyhose anyone? 

20 year old aspiring baker Ananya S says that Lilly Singh’s video made her realise how ridiculous shapewear is in Mumbai weather. #BeYourself Ananya! 

Rega Jha (@regajha)

The former editor of Buzzfeed smashed beauty ideals with her social media post where she put up her hairy legs with a lot of comments describing how she thought it was a crime to appear in public with hairy legs. Dealing with body image issues, and mental health issues that go hand-in-hand with that, is the need of the hour and we can all take a leaf out of Rega’s book 

– 30 year old Buzzfeed addict Priyanka claims she is completely okay to put her unwaxed limbs out on display occasionally, while she confesses she still needs to get the courage to get a picture clicked like that! 

Ishleen Kaur (@the_curvy_princess)

Talking about body image, this plus size instagrammer unabashedly talks beauty and fashion on her Insta handle and blog. Ishleen is keeping it real for all her followers by encouraging them to love themselves and that it is not “brave” to wear what she wants. She is a fashion blogger first and #curvyandproud. 

– 41-year-old writer Meena wants to be able to embrace her curves like Ishleen and is often found bookmarking her posts on Insta! 

Natasha Noel (@natashanoel001)

The yogini whose Insta posts on dealing with mental health issues has been motivating many of her followers to follow their passion and love themselves. Be it a bodysuit or a saree, Natasha rocks any outfit and also gets goofy on Insta every once in while doing dope stuff like draping a bedsheet. Natasha is clearly not a fashionmonger, but she defines her own style and owns it. 

– 29 year old yoga practitioner Tanvi wants to kill it like Natasha and looks forward to her daily posts. 

Dr. Shama Mohamed (@drshamamohd)

While speaking at Barkha Dutt’s ‘We The Women’, Dr Shama Mohamed spoke about how being a woman politician does not mean she has to be boring. She flaunts her sarees and glams up because she feels she has a right to look sexy just as a woman in any other profession. 

– 42 year old entrepreneur Meera who has ditched a boring corporate look for a more flamboyant look says more power to you Dr. Shama! 

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Neena Gupta. Despite being from Bollywood, she is not your typical fashionista and has carved a niche for herself with her fusion outfits. Who can forget the viral post of her teaming a Satlada haar (traditional neck piece) with a frock? 

Though these women are not all equal in terms of fame or popularity, what makes them unique is that they are so relatable. The causes they espouse, the things they believe in and the way they conduct their life in the public domain will continue to inspire many women to follow their passion and believe in themselves.

Do you have any other strong women in mind? Please tell us about the in the comments below!

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