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Lockdown, a Blessing for Mankind

Lockdown, a Blessing for Mankind

It’s been six months under the lockdown, most of the earlier days went pondering upon when the lockdown will ease. Some of us are still restless and thinking when life will return to normalcy. Due to many restrictions lifted in unlock 4, the time has come to be a bit at ease, but this is also the time when we have to take utmost care of our physical and mental health. There are loads of messages still floating on social media telling us what we should do and what we should not. We have all become not just “google doctors” but “social media” doctors. “Quarantine” is the keyword. Some run away from quarantine centres and some self-quarantine themselves. Isn’t it amazing how people take up social responsibilities so responsibly? Whereas there are others who think of only themselves and put so many lives at risk.

Eating healthy is the way to beat the Covid-19 virus

 The best one can do is work on physical and mental health. We should build our immunity, eat healthily, include foods like turmeric, pepper, garlic, ginger, lemons, pumpkin seeds, cumin seeds, dates, eggs and fruits in your daily diet. We should practice Pranayama, breathing exercises, Yoga and Meditation daily. We should also take adequate rest and limit the use of electronic gadgets.

Spend time with yourself and loved ones

We all have been advised to continue work from home. This saves energy and travel time and also protects us from air pollution. We should use this time to go within, live in the present moment and practice mindfulness. Social distancing is a blessing, take this opportunity to spend time at home with parents, spouse and kids. Read, catch up on the book you always wanted to finish reading, and enjoy it. Dig up the photo albums and refresh the memories from the past. Catch up on movies you always wanted to watch but did not have time for it earlier. We should educate ourselves and continue to learn something new every day. There are apps available where we can create our personalised books for free. Be innovative and creative. Listen to music, dance, laugh and pray. Get into the kitchen, experiment and cook new dishes and share them with friends through social media. Remember this is not a competition and do not weigh or compare yourself with the posts on social media. We should reflect on our thoughts and words, think of God, His creations and have faith in His plans for us. We should pray for everyone’s good health. Practice gratefulness and smile all the while. Make it a habit of smiling every hour for twenty seconds.
So what are we waiting for? What are we worried for? Stay safe, stay healthy.
Kashmira A. Kakalia is a Special Educator, Mental Health Practitioner and works with children, young adults and senior citizens.
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