Making of an Angel - Kaya |
Making of an Angel – Kaya

Making of an Angel – Kaya

20 Feb, 2017

What are angels? Are they some kind of mythical magical creatures that go around bestowing miracles? Another form of fairy godmothers? Are they real? Any talk of angels and these are the thoughts that most likely pop in most people’s minds.

Yes, angels are real. Many who’ve been brushed by their magic know this. What is hard for the human brain to fathom is that we all can metamorphize into angels. Simply by entering the immense flow of spiritual powers within us, we all can spread our wings and claim our angelhood.

Kaya’s journey is proof of this phenomenon. A handsome gifted Canadian rockstar whose career was on the brink of take-off, stepped back and claimed his angelhood. Join Thriive as we speak to him about his fascinating journey.

Where did your journey begin?
My spiritual journey started when I was very young. As a sensitive child, I was very inside of  myself. Even though I do not come from a religious family, spirituality was very very deep in me like a secret world. At the age of 6-7 years, I would just sit at a bench to look at people, and to question ‘Why is he working like this?’, ‘Why is he talking like this?’, ‘How come he has got a red hat?.’ I had also started to sing at churches, marriages and funerals when I was about 6.

Did you take any kind of training in singing?
Yes. One day, a woman was passing by my house and heard my voice. She knocked at the door and next thing I know I was having concerts at the age of 7 in front of 25 thousand people. At 9, I did my first album. Until the age of 26, I had signed major contracts and was number 1 in Canada. I had the same management team as Celine Dion does. Even though I had this career for about 20 years, I never felt like being a musician. When I was not singing, I was questioning, “What am I doing here?” I was living in a lot of abundance, had fame at a huge level, was roaming in Limos and was surrounded by bodyguards, but something felt disconnected.

When was your first interaction with the extraterrestrial?
When I was about 4 years old, I had started to communicate with the parallel world and was moving objects on the table. I was also devoted to a lot of foundations that dealt with children with terminal illness. During that time, I had an experience that changed my life. A 19-year old girl was about to die due to leukemia. She had a dream that she needed to see me before she dies. I visited her and she explained to me the things she saw in her dreams. I knew that she would need to see me since I was a child. She said, “Now is the time you need to come out as you have a mission.” It was very powerful as it was the first time I was hearing this from someone else.

She asked me if I could intervene for her and if she could live for a few more days. I couldn’t decide for her but I had to help her in some way. I asked her to imagine my eyes as I was giving her constant energy transfer. I felt her during two weeks in me when I was giving her energies. During one night she passed away and came to visit me in my dream to thank me and said that they had a gift for me. She mentioned that they were very proud of me and I was about to begin my mission and even though it would be very difficult, it would be necessary. It was time to reprogram myself. She brought me to the large black room, in the middle of which there was a long black table and a square space with a mirror. I was able to see the tunnel of light in that mirror, which we usually see when we die. It was so beautiful.

This was all in your dream?
Yes, but it was so real. She said that this will shift my consciousness to another level. It was so beautiful with the deepness of crystal blue light and clouds. I woke up in tears of joy. After that night, I started to receive 10-15 dreams every night and very powerful nightmares. It was all a part of the purification process. Soon after, Sony offered to renew my contract with millions of dollars. But I told them that I could not continue. It was over for me. I stopped everything, even watching TV or reading newspapers. I was only meditating and having my nightmares. I never had any teachers or masters. It was during this time that my mission in India was explained to me.

How long would you meditate for in a day?
24 hours.

What were the initial symbols that came to your life?
I was coming in and out and thinking about these dreams. Therefore, I wasn’t meditating on emptiness. I was meditating to see myself, to understand something. I was writing down everything, trying to study the symbols. One day I went to a bookstore to look for study materials on symbols.

I was seeing earthquakes and intense apocalyptic dreams and tornados. When I would wake up, instead of thinking something will happen on earth, I was able to understand that I was that tornado because my thoughts were spinning and I had an obsession about something. That’s why I was seeing a tornado. In dreams, you see the truth. But that’s when we need to be careful because this could lead to extremism when people start to focus on the negative for too long and forget to see the bigger picture of anything. My wife Christian helped me with this when I was in the bookstore that day. The owner saw me and said that he knew someone who knows about symbols.

And that’s how you met?
Yes. I left my phone number and she called me. At first, when we met, it felt like I always knew her but never thought that we would be a couple. It was the first time that I was able to talk about my experiences and I was feeling that she was able to understand what I was going through. She introduced me to the world of angels. An angel is infact a very ancient metaphor and the wings are just to express the power we can achieve as humans when we open our spiritual dimensions. I got introduced to that. So, if I was invoking the angel of love, I was having 50 dreams about love. When I was chanting to the angel of justice, for the next few days my dreams were about justice. This was a huge connection that we had and then two years after that, in dreams, we saw that we needed to be together as we were twin souls.

How do you recognise if you have found your twin soul?
You only know in dreams. That’s why I have been teaching that you should never marry someone if you don’t receive a dream about them. That’s the best way to know if the affinity will last forever or just six months.

So, you should ask for that person in your dream to come?
Yes, you ask your dreams, ‘Is this the right person for me?’ In your meditation and when you go to sleep, you repeat the question until you get the answer. The whole Universe will begin to talk to you.

Have you seen each other in your dreams?
Yes, dozens of times. We talk sometimes and Christian receives a part of the answer and I receive the other and we share it together.

How does one believe in angels?
First, you need to know that it’s not just a belief, it’s a logical aspect. For instance, if you say ‘I am joyful’ and you keep repeating that again and again, you are going to attract joy. An angel is just the condensation of mantras that represents qualities. It’s a symbolic aspect of ourselves. We can travel to other dimensions. This teaching was hidden for very long as it is very powerful and brings about a lot of opening and knowledge.

We have the names of the angels along with the names of human distortions. When we take an angel and chant that mantra, we are shown what has been preventing us from becoming that. We get their qualities and cleanse the distortions. This way you can enter your life deeper to understand who you are.

How do you resolve your conflicts?
We don’t have conflicts. Never. Because we have really worked upon ourselves before meeting each other and we are on spiritually advanced path. Every time there is something that is needed to be understood, we don’t take a decision immediately. First, we come back to ourselves and analyse the resonance.

If we take the example of a woman who married an alcoholic husband, what does she need to understand? Alcohol is a part of water which denotes emotions. So, he has a greater percentage of emotional dependencies that have materialised in alcoholism. She needs to work on her emotional dependencies too. She should not be afraid of separation at whatever age. And she should definitely never accept 20 years of violence, abuse and a careless attitude from her husband. We live in 2016. We can arrange to get the life for ourselves if we just reorganise.

If someone needs to learn about symbolics, where should they begin?
I can recommend the dictionary of dreams – The Source Code which is a compilation of 20 years of experience and knowledge. It’s a really profound book to understand the mechanism of interpretations. In India, we offer the DSSI program which is Dreams, Signs and Symbols Interpretations where we talk about all kinds of things, from couples to business. We talk about how to marry spirit and matter and to build our spiritual autonomy. This training is adaptable to everybody and there are only 2 seminars per year, one in February and one is November. The rest of the year, this is available online. There are teachers who help you with your dreams constantly. Every two weeks, we also have a webinar for 4 hours. This is basically a year-round training and a certification of 3 years but a person can do with just one year.

So, you can refer to:
The book of angels – The Hidden Secrets. It explains the mantras and symbols in day to day life.
Dictionary DSSI – The Source Code
The autobiography – Becoming an Angel
All are available online on Amazon India.

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