Making Of A Channel - An Interview With Ellaeenah |
Making Of A Channel – An Interview With Ellaeenah

Making Of A Channel – An Interview With Ellaeenah

12 Jan, 2018

Ellaeenah is a Channel (and she would rather not use such labels as they are erroneous, she says) and we were curious to know how it all began

What were the first steps in your journey as a channel like?

I had heard of channeling but never experienced it. A close friend from school kept on inviting me to the chanelling sessions being held regularly at her place.  Even though I was totally uninterested, I listened patiently and tried not to show boredom. I must have been 20 years old at that time. This cycle of avoidance went on for many years. I got married and even had a baby. When my baby was barely two, I became bedridden with slipped disc.

A college friend of mine, Mehroo, began giving me Reiki. I felt so much better and for the first time I acknowledged that there was something I was ignorant of. This sparked my interest. A little later, a family member needed some kind of help, so Mehroo asked me to bring her to the meeting for Master’s help.

We’d already explored all other options but with no luck. So, we decided to give this a try. Mehroo too had been urging me continuously to attend her sessions. I thought atleast after this visit she’d stop badgering me.

Mehroo used to auto-write. We reached her place, she started writing and almost immediately put her pen down and said, “This lady has to step out.”

We all looked at each other. My family member got up to go outside so I stood up too. Mehroo said, “No, no, you sit.” There seemed to be some confusion. “I’m not the one asking for the meeting, she is the one,” I said, gesturing to the lady who had come with me.

Mehroo replied, “Yes, I know that and she can come back tomorrow but today the Master wants to speak to you.”


Face-to-face with the Truth

I darted a very angry look at my friend but not wanting to be disrespectful, I sat down and waited.

And then through her, Master wrote and informed me that I had been a very highly developed, telepathic cosmic teacher and messenger through several incarnations. Master also wrote that I should stop resisting my path in this incarnation. At the end, Mehroo said Master wanted me to be a part of that group so that the energy lying dormant within me could get activated.

This was such gobbledygook to me.

Taking up the Challenge

I didn’t reply and hurried out as fast as I could.

When my husband heard about this incident, he said, “Why don’t you go?” Before I could give him all the reasons I couldn’t go (or didn’t want to go, actually) he cut short my rant and said, “I think you are resisting because you are scared.”

I was certainly not scared! And I could never resist a challenge! My husband was flexible with his work timings so he offered to come along with me. I was happy for his company but equally determined to prove him wrong.

We decided to give it a month and I was sure we wouldn’t even go the next day. But months came and went, all doubts and uncertainties disappeared without me even being aware of it.

My husband had seen through my fear. It was only when I did soul work many years later that the true reason for it surfaced: As a cosmic messenger I had been subjected to a lot of torture and persecution in a couple of my past lifetimes and this fear was causing me to resist my calling.

Transcending Resistance

At first, I was just observing. But one day Mehroo turned the book around and pushing it towards me said, “The Master says you will write from today.”  When I hesitated, she said, “Your stubbornness hasn’t left you even after two years!”

I don’t know whether it has left me even now after 20 years (laughs) but at that time I was not being stubborn. I genuinely didn’t know what to do.

The medium gestured to me to pick up the pen and just write. But instead of words and squiggles, I started drawing ancient birds and animals. The pen would go all over the page and would only stop when the picture was complete. This is how I knew I was not controlling the pen because I can’t draw to save my life.

Autowriting came so effortlessly that it became clear it was an ability I had cultivated during my soul journey but was bringing it to my conscious recollection only now. After some time, Master guided me to start taking personal sessions. A little later, Master directed me to give up autowriting and start trance channelling. This was another scary moment but by then my resistance had reduced considerably. Through my selfwork I realised that all these situations had been coming up for me to smoothen my rough edges and to temper my very large ego.

I began trance chanelling but soon Master said, “You have to stop coming. Our work is done. You have to now take this journey on your own and be open to receive the energy of your own Master.”

A few months after that I received the energies of Lord Sananda or Jesus the Christ, whom I call Jadefire.

And that is my journey.

The Channel as a child

As a child I often knew with certainty about people and situations. Once, I remember, my mother was worried about my sister. She had been having fever that refused to come down. I suddenly told her, “Don’t worry, the fever will come down by 5pm today” and it actually did.

I didn’t realise till a long time that not everyone was able to do this. For me, it was just what I did. In the innocence of childhood, I never thought of it as something unique. When my husband brought my attention to this trait of mine that is when I realised the truth of Master’s words (that I’d been a spiritual healer in earlier incarnations).

The Channel as a conduit of energy transmission or why labels are erroneous

As a channel I receive energy which imprints itself on some parts of my brain and has the ability to receive those higher frequency energies. These imprints transform into words and images which I then speak or write of. That wisdom is not of my intellect – it is the combined wisdom of my Higher Self, My Cosmic Self and My Cosmic Master. In the final analysis, it’s all one energy. So, using words like channel, healer, medium creates a distance between us and those that we want to serve.

The Channel as a Teacher

Mehroo has been my spiritual mentor and it gives me great joy to pass the blessing forward by being a mentor too. In fact, I have been a school teacher for more than 30 years. And over the years, the thousands of students I’ve taught have showed me things about myself: where I erred and where I had strength.

I can look back and see myself as arrogant and insensitive, choosing the power of my speech to hurt. Though I regret that, I have forgiven myself. I have understood that I used the arrogance and harshness as a very strong defense mechanism against hurt and pain. My journey has involved me finding the courage to touch that pain, to bring it up to the light, to own it as mine and then to let it go. My immediate family and dear friends have stood by me at every step of this rocky road. And whenever I felt I couldn’t bear the pain anymore or I’d crack, I’d hear Jadefire say, “I’m holding you. Go through this fire. Become the diamond that I know you are but you cannot see as yet.”

So, the years of resistance have, in fact, been a blessing. They’ve been the Universe’s way of telling me that I was not yet ready.

A message to our readers

You are a God! I am a God! We are all Gods! Each one of us is a Radiant Divine being and we should always remain aware of this aspect of us. Always be the God you are! If you are praying to the Gods on your altar but are dishonouring yourself and not loving or nurturing yourself, then I promise you those prayers are only half said. But when, in your prayers, you  bless yourself and say “I love you and I love myself as much” then that is prayer enough.

(Ellaeenah will be conducting a Moon Magic Meditation for Thriive Art & Soul at Bayview Marina Garden, Cuffe Parade on Wednesday 17th January 2018. Entry is free. To register call 7506424584 or email [email protected])

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