Manifest abundance for your business during the lockdown |
Manifest abundance for your business during the lockdown

Manifest abundance for your business during the lockdown

21 May, 2020

During the time when businesses are struggling with finances and retaining employees, it can lead to anxiety and depression if personal energy with respect to finances is not managed effectively. Ankur Rupani, a certified Law Of Attraction trainer and coach, highlights how to attract more wealth, clients, and prosperity during the lockdown.  

Do the inner work

Most of the times people are not aligned with their true self and they are not aware about the natural state of “I am Consciousness.” There are two identities that we have. One is the worldly identity and the other is who we are at the core of our consciousness, the divine or the sacred self. The sacred self is the natural state of higher vibration while the worldly identity is not our true self. Therefore, to reach a higher vibration, we need to do the inner work.

Detachment and surrender

Do not attach to the end results like ‘I want this house, this car, ‘X’ amount of money’ etc. Instead be in alignment with source energy based on the teachings of Abraham Hicks. Once that alignment happens, manifesting all our desires is a natural progression.

Become empty

Rupani elucidates that initially it is very important that we drop all our desires as well as misalignments and becomes empty. When we reach that emptiness, through the inner work and  align with our trueselves, then all our desires can manifest easily. When the mind is full of clutter, we cannot manifest anything from that space.

Heal the Misalignments

If we are misaligned and the entire focus is on not having enough money, how will the business function etc., then we operate from lack consciousness. Instead, if we shift our focus on what can be done, the energy shifts into creation mode which helps us to easily attract more money.

Managing professional relationships effectively

If we think that what we get from another person, what is wrong with the person or what the person is not able to give us,  then we tend to attract more of lack consciousness and we lack financially too and attract clients who do not have a mindset of abundance. Due to this, we find it difficult to increase the profits in our business. For managing professional relationships effectively, in order to get something, we have to give first and align within, and not the other way around.

Identify negative belief systems

It’s important to identify the negative belief systems. Then replace it with positive thoughts through affirmations, guided meditation and reading material for attracting money. It is essential to look at what has happened in the past and the incorrect belief systems which were formed because of it and then gradually move towards a sustained positive belief system.

Heal the root chakra

It is very important to heal the root chakra and the sacral chakra which are connected to survival and acquiring material possessions, including money. The other chakras need to be aligned too for a faster manifestation.

Living in the end technique

This Law of Attraction technique focusses directly on the manifestation achieved. Once we are completely aligned, this technique can be used for instant manifestation.

Prepare vision boards

Vision boards can also be made to manifest success, wealth, abundance and prosperity. Put images of what  we want to achieve and it will be done.

Visualise the amount to be manifested

We can visualise the amount that we want to manifest. Money can be manifested instantly, in a day, a month etc. The concept of time does not matter for manifesting money.

Believe that circumstances don’t matter

Although, businesses are being affected, circumstances don’t matter. We can always manifest money easy and effortlessly, if we are aligned perfectly and it is done with a clear intention by being in the complete receiving mode and with the feeling that what we want is already ours.

Hope the principle of Ask-Believe-Receive works wonders for you. If you want to learn the art of manifestation, connect with our experts by CLICKING HERE.

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