Meditation – a mindful activity for children during lockdown |
Meditation – a mindful activity for children during lockdown

Meditation – a mindful activity for children during lockdown

7 Apr, 2020

It has become a very popular practice, everyone loves it, including actors and athletes. And for good reason, meditation is a discipline that has a lot of advantages for those who practice it regularly. Meditation is for everyone – from young to old. And while most parents assume that children may not enjoy meditation or it is not their type of activity, you’ll be surprised how beneficial it is for kids and adolescents. 

As a parent, you have a duty to give your children the right keys so that they can better understand their future. In our current society, we are constantly running around. “It, therefore, seems essential to teach children to ask themselves and to feel what is going on inside them”, suggests Meditation Expert and NLP coach Sejal Thakkar

Children who learn to meditate from an early age are even more likely to grow up with a solid foundation for the future. We must not forget that children are the future of this world.

Benefits of meditation for children

  • Significant improvement in concentration
  • Better emotion management
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved social relations
  • Improved focus at school
  • Reduction of aggressive behavior
  • Development of benevolence

How to teach your children meditation?

Sow seeds to arouse your children’s curiosity about meditation. Sejal shares that to support your children in this process, you must start by meditating yourself . Meditation develops awareness and will allow you to be better able to listen to what your children really mean and not what you think your children are saying.

So, a good idea is to start meditating in front of your children. And yes, children always ask millions of questions and they will be very interested to know what you are up to, motionless, eyes closed.

So, when they ask you the question “why are you doing this?” ” Or ” what are you doing “, you explain to them that you are doing a meditation session (and why it feels good). Don’t forget to specify that if they want, they can try it too. It seems important to explain to children the concept of meditation and the benefits!

In this way, you sow seeds in the minds of your children the curiosity and desire. And sooner or later, they too will want to meditate.

Set up a meditation corner specially adapted for children

Choose a small unexploited living room, a small corner in a corridor or a small place in your child’s room. Gather objects to decorate the meditation corner – comfortable cushions, a carpet, images or photos, a lamp or candle stand. Ask your children what they would like to put in this meditation corner, a small object that is close to their hearts. For instance, something they found on a walk pebbles, branches, leaves, or feathers.

Define a moment

Seek with your children the perfect moment to share a moment of meditation together. What works very well is at night before bed. Don’t forget to explain to your children that this meditation corner can be used by all family members, as soon as they feel the need or the desire. For example, if your child is upset, you can offer to go and breathe for 5 minutes in the meditation corner.

Don’t pressure yourself, it’s not the purpose of meditation

If you start a meditation session with your children and they are not receptive, it does not matter. You don’t have to put pressure on yourself and give them bad vibes.

Here is the reaction to have if you are in this situation with your children:

  • Now was the time to meditate
  • I’m going to finish my session because I need it / I want it
  • If you want, you can come and join me
  • If you don’t want to, go do a quiet activity in your room
  • Now let me finish my meditation
  • See you after

Remember that meditating is not easy for you or your children. Putting this new habit into your family life will take a little time, so be patient and don’t give up!

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