Meet Nipa Asharam, who at 40, looks and feels younger than ever |
Meet Nipa Asharam, who at 40, looks and feels younger than ever

Meet Nipa Asharam, who at 40, looks and feels younger than ever

30 Jan, 2020

When I was asked to describe myself earlier, I would speak at length about where I lived, what I did, where I studied – various labels that didn’t really still say who I really am. I guess it takes a while to even get this right? I am pretty sure at 40, I have kind of cracked this piece. 

‘Feeling’ youthful like never before at 40 is a fruition of things I unlearned over the years, and that has made me discover quite a few things. Here am sharing my  learnings with you:

1. Age is just a number 

I educated myself about the ‘telomeres’ – those are the real deal when it comes to ageing. I learned that the way I take care of myself can keep my telomeres long enough to actually promote youthfulness. That is exactly what I did and it is visible on my ‘unmasked glow’! Age is just a number indeed. 

2. Discovering the superpower of right breathing

I deep breathe, no matter what am I doing. Typing this article, my getting coffee, watering plants, or just relaxing – I trained myself to do this surprisingly powerful practice, deep breathing. It has kept my nervous system relaxed and my focus more present – both of which help me do more, feel more and think less. Who knew thinking less could actually make you age slower! 

3. It’s all in the perspective

I evolved majorly when I understood that perspective can change our inner health! We seldom give emotional and mental health as much importance as physical health, so we do not co-related how a calm mind can help us feel younger. When my perspective focussed on taking charge, owning responsibility, and action-ing it in the next steps, it dramatically changed my vibe and my physical health – natural glow, healthy hair, and rejuvenated organs!

4. Our body, like the universe, is magical 

The universe and our body, both give us signs all the time, we only need to learn how to identify them. If only we listen closely, we’ll know that our bodies tell us everything – what to eat, what not to eat, when to stop, when to rest, when to move, when to reflect, so on and so forth. Little did I know of the magic residing inside of me. When I started to explore, it was like a little magic show – listening to these signs and working on them is how you become the best version of yourself. 

5. Manifestation is real 

Every situation is our own creation. It isn’t the easiest thing to accept, especially when things aren’t going our way. At that point, we need to believe this even more. I did it step-by-step and that made me realise the next scene is more in my control more than I thought it would be! So I reverse played it out – what do I want the next scene to be? What do I need to do now to make that scene happen? And that is how I learned the art of manifestation. 

6. Learning is 50% of our job 

We will observe this in most of our lives – as we grow older, learning reduces. Our job or work can make us mentors to others, and we forget that we too need mentorship – in form of books, new learning areas, and interests. The only way today I have made learning a 30% part of my day is by incorporating it into my work and daily routine. Learning something new enables our brain to make new cells (only organ that can do that!) and create new neural pathways. And that is how you keep your brain young and healthy. 

7. Truth constantly evolves 

I would see myself as a confused human. What I connected with yesterday, I found tough to connect with today. Little did I see this as my truth evolving and that is what we are here for! I stopped doubting myself each time I outgrew something – instead I reflected on the ‘why’ and I embraced it completely. This made me so receptive to all the good things out there ☺ 

8. Habits can give a new life

We often seek our way out of an issue – I did seek a way out of my insomnia, leaky gut, incessant migraine, self-worth issues and when I saw it all together, it was easier to get overwhelmed instead of doing something about it. All I needed were a set of new habits. Each time I integrated a new habit, a new change appeared. A change I really wanted for myself. Culmination of these habits fills my day with joy and fulfillment. 

9. Freedom can unleash us  

I have felt several kinds of freedom in the last few years – freedom from pleasing people, freedom from make-up and treatments, freedom from health issues, freedom of speech, freedom of being unapologetically real, freedom of doing what I want to with my time – this freedom unleashed my potential, and has made me healthy – physically and mentally. 

While all these points can be seen separately, they can be seen collectively as well. When I see them collectively, I actually feel 20 – physically, emotionally and mentally. Life is a journey where we are constantly evolving. So whether I am 40, 30 or 20, what really matters is how young I feel as a person. And that you cannot put a number on. 

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