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Mindful hobbies to pursue during the lockdown

Mindful hobbies to pursue during the lockdown

17 May, 2020

There are many misconceptions regarding mindfulness such as we have to sit alone in a quiet place and shut ourselves away from the world. Mindfulness is the art of training our mind to remain focussed on the present moment instead of our monkey mind wandering in the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness is the art of changing the way our mind functions. Jessica Gandhi, a Psychologist and a Life Coach shares mindful hobbies to pursue during the lockdown, to spend time your time productively.
1. Gardening
If we have a beautiful garden, it is time to ditch our gardener and become one. Many people take solace from spending time in the garden. Plants provide nourishment to our soul and if they are taken care of and loved well, they always love us back. People who have a small terrace garden will enjoy watering plants, growing their own organic food, planting new saplings and ensuring sufficient manure and pesticides are sprayed from time to time. It is a good bonding exercise with nature and we can also involve our family members. While gardening, always show gratitude and love energy towards plants to help them grow well. That’s why the term, a person with a green thumb has been coined. Some fail at growing plants, since it’s all about giving and receiving energy.
2. Fun with pottery
 Making something special out of clay can leave you with a feeling of  accomplishment. The art of getting your hands in clay and moulding something unique can have a great calming effect on us. The concentration required to produce our own small masterpiece helps us to focus well on the present moment. Watch the stress drift away as the wheel spins.
3. Knitting and Crocheting
The rhythmic nature of knitting and crocheting is repetitive, therapeutic, and comforting. We can focus on what we are creating and let go off the need for perfection. This will leave us feeling more relaxed and  stress-free.
4. Arrange flowers 
Creating a beautiful floral display in your living room, requires concentration, contemplation and creativity – all of which help to keep our our worries away. In fact, simply looking at a vase of flowers serves as the perfect mood-lifting, pick-me-up first thing in the morning.
5. Revamp your home décor
 Having a set task to focus on is a good way to practice mindfulness. Painting walls, hanging curtains, planning décor on the walls – all of these tasks require 100 percent focus.
6. Practice Pilates
Pilates is a hobby for all the fitness enthusiasts. As a hobby, Pilates is perhaps the best thing that we can choose because remember, it’s not just a hobby, it’s also a way to lose some of that extra flab weighing on the body. Pilates is focussed on breathing. It is also focussed on quietening the mind, focussing on each and every movement and stretching carefully. In order to do Pilates, a practitioner must be wholly present and focused as well as self-aware.
7. Tai Chi, a wonderful mindful hobby
Tai Chi is a form of martial arts which will make us strong and helps us defend ourselves during  an unpredicted attack. This hobby will improvise our health as much as we practice it.
While practicing Tai Chi we have to think about each new movement and pose and focus on doing it right. For this to be possible, we have to let all other thoughts and distractions out of our mind and focus on being 100% present in the present moment.
8. Get Creative with Mandalas
 Coloring and painting fosters creativity and encourages us to focus better. An intricate task of colouring or painting the mandalas, helps us to switch off our mind, if only for a moment. Find a beautiful and intricate mandala and start enjoying the experience with vibrant colours.
9. Journaling, a stress buster
Being mindful is about being aware of our feelings and emotions without judgement. We have to be 100% present and really take a look at how we are feeling. It provides the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at our feelings and emotions, reduces stress and negativity. We need to write them down honestly without fear of being judged.
10. Read a novel
 If feeling overwhelmed by life, read a book. Reading is an effective way to relieve stress. It is an active engagement of our imagination. The words on the printed pages stimulate our creativity and helps us to relax into an altered state of consciousness.
11. Explore your culinary skills
 The way to our hearts is through our stomach. Bake a cake, cook your favourite meals and make yourself and your family members feel special.
We hope you have a good time with your personal hobbies. To connect with any of our experts, CLICK HERE.

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