Monday Motivation: 3 Things Elon Musk Taught Us About Wellness |
Monday Motivation: 3 Things Elon Musk Taught Us About Wellness

Monday Motivation: 3 Things Elon Musk Taught Us About Wellness

29 Jul, 2019

Each of us want to be productive and successful, isn’t it? Who doesn’t like the idea of having a great house, lavish lifestyle and comfort at their doorstep? We get it, but what is that you have to do- to flourish at work? Here’s your guide!

GUIDE TO YOUR WELLNESS (Not skipping the success part!)

In any list of successful people will be incomplete without the mention of Elon Musk. It is difficult, rather impossible to sum up this stalwarts’ achievement in one go. Founder of PayPal, Founder, and CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company. Not to forget those tons of companies he has founded and headed- this billionaire is the one to truly learn from. But in one of his most recent interviews, he spoke about how he learnt that the only way one can climb up the ladder is by making the right choices.

Overworking isn’t helping anyone 

Most people do not know about burnout. They believe it is an alien concept, but the truth is- it is for real and yes, it can be quite fatal to us. Musk, in his famous interview once mentioned that he would work for 120 hours a week, often not stepping out of his office or even going to his house and just staying at work to finish his tasks. Over a period of time, he started feeling the heat of this. Burnout currently is the leading cause for insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression and gobs of physical pain that you will experience in your way.

At some point, you will have to look within your realms to know where you are going wrong. Work hard, but work within your limits. Overworking or over-exhausting isn’t going to take you anywhere- yes, except that lonely passage that you don’t want to be in.

You are not a machine

Well, that’s self-explanatory. I see a lot of people in their mid-20’s feeling like they are in the mid-50s and those in mid-30’s behaving like they are in their 90’s. Yes, I’m hinting at the unhappiness, the unmanageable stress and the commonly found sleeplessness among them all. You need to understand that you are not a machine. Your target at work could be 100 stories a month but if you believe that each of those have to be perfect and accurate, you are bound to invite disappointment. You want to give your best, yes- but definitely not at the cost of your health. Accept that few tasks at work will not come along your way and guess what? It’s okay.

Wellness is a choice 

Almost as if you didn’t know this already, wellness is a choice that you must consciously make. Like it, as you might, there is a point when you break down. Physically, mentally and emotionally. That’s because all those pent up emotions will come out in undesirable ways. That is why we believe there is a good need for you to balance them- inside out. Exercise, meditate and make wellness a part of your lifestyle. Make those changes consciously. Know where to say ENOUGH and know when you must work harder.

Image credits: Instagram: @elonmusk

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