Money Matters: Meditate Your Way To Financial Success |
Money Matters: Meditate Your Way To Financial Success

Money Matters: Meditate Your Way To Financial Success

20 May, 2019

Relationship with finances can spark many emotional states – joy, exhilaration, envy, fear, anger and many more. How will you feel if you suddenly got the news that you won prize money, or inherited a vast sum of money? Elated, on top of the world?

How will you feel when you realize you are down to your last few thousands of savings? Fear, panic, depression, anger?

Feelings towards money can be really powerful to the extent that you may start creating hate or guilt considering it as the main cause of problems in your life. Money has the power to evoke strong emotions we carry within called “Money Script”. These are deeply-held, often subconscious beliefs that drive various positive and negative financial behaviours impacting decisions made around finances.

A lot of financial decisions are coming through “Money Scripts” that run inside the mind. Imagine what your life can be when you harness your internal powers and re-write this “Money Script” to empower and serve you in achieving financial success.

This is where Meditation can be a powerful tool in introducing techniques that develop concentration, clarity, emotional stability and innate power to be here and now. With regular committed practice and meditative techniques that nourish deep within, resulting in a one-pointed concentration of the mind called ‘ekagrata’. With regular practice, meditative techniques enhance alpha brain waves indicating diminished sensory attention to the external world, bringing focus to self-awareness within.

So imagine, when you approach your finances with the same consciousness as your meditation practice, you are beginning the first step in re-writing your money script.

How to develop concentration?

One meditative technique “Trataka” develops concentration (Dharana). Holding an image in the mind for an extended period of time brings the attention of senses, intellect, and emotions to ekagrata. This undivided concentration for the mind to focus wilfully is the space of consciousness (Chidakasha) to initially manifest concrete objects and later with deep practice to manifest concepts.

Trataka means ‘to gaze steadily at a fixed point’. There are two forms of the practice -‘Bahiranga’ (external trataka) and ‘Antaranga'(internal trataka). Bahiranga is easier to practice because you gaze at an object or symbol. However, Antaranga involves clear and stable inner visualization of an object.

To practice trataka, an object is gazed at until its subtle form manifests in front of closed eyes. The object usually is a candle flame, because even after the eyes are closed, the impression remains naturally for some time, and then antaranga trataka can be performed easily. Purpose of focusing the eyes on an external object is to arouse the internal vision, curbing its oscillating tendencies.

Apart from the candle flame, other effective symbols are a crystal ball, Shiva lingam, yantra, mandala, full moon, a star, a chakra, spiritual symbols, a rose, a tree, a mountain, the sea, the sky, a rock, a dot or any object of your choice.

Technique to follow

Bahiranga Trataka

Place a candle at arm’s length in front of you with the flame at eye level – ensure the flame flickers in the least. Sit in a comfortable meditative pose, place your hands on the knees in either gyana or chin mudra – relax your whole body, close your eyes and prepare yourself. Breathing in and out, follow the rhythm of your breathing, keeping your body perfectly still. Feeling relaxed, open your eyes, gaze at the middle portion of the flame for as long as possible without blinking or straining until the eyes begin to water or tire.  Increase the time gradually with practice to ten minutes. Remain the silent witness (Sakshi) throughout, observing all thoughts/feelings which arise. Close your eyes keeping them fixed on the impression in Chidakasha.

Antaranga Trataka

Prepare yourself similarly as Bahiranga Trataka. Keep your eyes closed throughout,  concentrating on your symbol/concept/idea. Try to see the object clearly, Remain the silent witness (Sakshi) throughout, observing all thoughts/feelings which arise. Close your eyes keeping them fixed on the impression in Chidakasha.

Practice for five to twenty minutes as per your comfort.

Though Trataka can be done at any time, it is more effective when performed on an empty stomach between four and six in the morning after asana and pranayama practice. If you wish to delve deeper into the mind, trataka can be done late at night before sleeping.

Re-writing your Money Script:

Once comfortable with both Trataka, bring your attention to your relationship with finances. With ekagrata, understand your deep-rooted beliefs about money – be a silent witness (Sakshi) throughout, observing all thoughts/feelings. With your innate wisdom, begin to work on creating new powerful beliefs that serve you well.

One of my clients who was “struggling to make money”, discovered his belief “Money is Evil”. Practicing Trataka, he rewrote his belief to “money is good and I manage it well”. With ekagrata, he gained greater perceptual acuity making it easier to take decisions with a clear mind.

During our coaching session, he generated his action plan by creating finances that were beneficial for him. During subsequent sessions, he additionally built action plans to benefit the world (like philanthropy, sharing his knowledge, etc.).

Anu Sachar is a Thriive-Verified Life Coaching Expert who is in a happy space as a Psychologist, Certified Coach. Her clients include- Children, Young adults, Entrepreneurs, Corporate leaders, Creative people, Start-ups, Professionals, and Home-makers.

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