Moon Magic: 3 Surprising Ways In Which New Moon Affects Your Health |
Moon Magic: 3 Surprising Ways In Which New Moon Affects Your Health

Moon Magic: 3 Surprising Ways In Which New Moon Affects Your Health

2 Jul, 2019

To be honest, terms like new moon and full moon seemed like just other phases to me until I was told by a friend that the moon can affect your life in many ways. As I began to research and read more, I realized it was all true. To give you the logic behind this, it is simply because we humans are made up of water majorly. This water is influenced by the different phases of the Moon.

Seems pretty complicated, eh..? Worry not, we will break it down for you. New Moon could mean a lot of things to you. Whether it is about sleep cycle, menstrual cycle, heart health, sexual health or psychological health- the moon has an effect on each of them. Here, we give you 3 ways in which today’s New Moon could affect your health:

  1. New Moon and sleep woes: If you find yourself facing sleep issues while it is New Moon or Full Moon, it isn’t coincidence. Clearly, you could be sensitive to moon. Even though you could face issues of sleeping in the New Moon, you might face bouts of extreme energy. However, you would have more difficulty in falling asleep on a Full Moon day, New Moon day could hint at a shift in your sleeping cycle.
  2. New Moon and sexual health: To speak in the easiest terms, a woman’s period cycle is always in sync with the moon. To the extent that, New Moon and Full Moon affects the woman’s cycle as well as sexual cycle too. a woman is at her most fertile self on the darkest night (i.e. the New Moon). To your advantage, New Moon is about sowing the seed of new things that, culminate into a fruit in the days to come. Therefore, New Moon is the best time to conceive.
  3. New Moon and weight-loss: During the New Moon, your body deep cleanses itself. Using this as a catalyst, you could totally kick-start your diet plan tonight and reap its benefits in the days to come!

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