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‘Nah’ affair: How to say NO to eating when people are forcing you to eat

‘Nah’ affair: How to say NO to eating when people are forcing you to eat

21 Nov, 2019

‘Tis the season of wedding shenanigans and we can’t keep calm. Besides the wedding preps and the unseasonal weather around us, it is that time of the year when relatives flock to your homes for the Eves and their respective invites. Probably, you already have a wedding card on your desk now, don’t you?
The thing about weddings and get-togethers is that there is a lot of force-feeding involved. You just cannot often say no to a food item. “We all know that it gets super difficult to follow your healthy eating regimes during this time. It can get quite difficult to say no to an offering,” says Ridhi Golechha, a Mind Body & Eating Coach, who is also a trained child psychologist, Rational Emotive Behaviour therapist and a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist.
Why do people force-feed you?
People can have multiple reasons (apart from the overwhelming love), here are two of them as mentioned by Ridhi:
1) People themselves need company: When they are eating something they consider ‘junk’ or ‘unhealthy’ – but because they love it so much, they tend to seek company. Remember the first time you bunked a lecture? It was always with your friends. The company makes it easier to do things that you essentially consider ‘wrong but fun’. So although they love the laddoos, they know there is some amount of guilt attached. Convincing someone to eat the laddoos or bunk the lecture with them eases out that guilt and makes you feel ‘like you are not alone’.
2) Sometimes, its just pure grandmother’s love: People have been expressing their love through food, for generations and generations. Food is a celebration. In that sense, if it is something you DO LOVE, go ahead and take a bite. But do it because you want to indulge, do it because you want to feel the love, not because somebody is forcing you.
Know if you really want to indulge or are you indulging because someone else wants company?
When you find yourself in such a situation, here’s what you can do. “Make your choice. Saying no to food that your body isn’t wanting- doesn’t make your love or respect for the person who is offering less. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It only means you also respect your own body and its needs also,” says Ridhi.
Saying No is an art and needs you to be definitive yet polite. But make sure you don’t eat something just because you need to please anyone!

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