Now is the time to reshape your career, and your life |
Now is the time to reshape your career, and your life

Now is the time to reshape your career, and your life

15 Jul, 2020

During these unpredictable times of the lockdown, businesses are getting severely affected. If you have been sacked from your job, facing pay cuts, and getting disappointed and worried about the future – pause, breathe and love yourself. Dr. Nalini Taneja,  a Counsellor, Life Coach and Career Counsellor elucidates how you can rethink, redefine your career and do what you really love. Whether it was a plan you had five years ago about quitting a corporate job and being an entrepreneur, being a chef, practicing a vocation which is close to your heart, you can have what you desire and demand it from the Universe and work towards it fearlessly. Dr. Taneja emphasises on having clarity on your soul calling, being patient with the process and managing our time productively for the desired outcome. Dr. Taneja has  worked with  UNICEF, UNAIDS, IVI, APEC and UNESCO. She holds a PhD. in Human Values, India and  Masters in Social Work, Australia.
Clarity in our head and heart is essential 
One of the most important things is to have clarity. We need to ask ourselves what do we want, what do we enjoy doing, what financial gains will we receive after choosing a particular career and  what kind of working hours do we want to have. Especially in the ongoing situation of Covid-19, we should have clarity on what and where we want to work. We should also be clear about whether we want to work from home for a long term or do we want to work within the confines of an office. We should also reflect on the kind of work environment that is feasible for us. Some of us are better suited to work with a small group of people while some of us are extrovert and interactive with large number of people. We should reflect on if we like taking instructions from someone with a hands down approach or are we self-motivated and like to work independently. We should also consider what we can indulge in and what we cannot. For instance, Dr. Taneja says she does not like gossip and can never speak ill about any co-worker. This should also be a deciding factor for the kind of work environment that we choose.
Our passion drives us 
Dr. Taneja states that we should be passionate about our work. She says some of her clients are so passionate about their work that they forget about having their meals on time or taking care of other chores. They are totally consumed by what they do since they enjoy their work completely. She advises that we should always make mental notes about what drives us and choose a career accordingly.
The expert’s journey 
Dr. Taneja states that she always wanted to be a teacher, since her  childhood, but she realised that teaching is not a profession, but more of a vocation. It also takes a toll  and a person has to be completely self-motivated. It also doesn’t pay remuneration the way a corporate sector does. She found her calling as a counsellor and she likes conducting workshops and writing blogs. She was always very clear that she did not want to work in a corporate culture. She has always been extremely fond of travelling. Her work association with the United Nations was also a natural progression of her having enough clarity about what she wanted to do. We all have a soul purpose in life. We just need to unravel it. At the end of the day, if we are honest and committed to our work, work doesn’t feel like work, since we live the best version of ourselves by achieving our full potential. If we can look in the mirror every day and say to ourselves, “I really love the miracle staring back at me.” That is a job well done. When we live like that, we start paying attention to our talents and nurture it. Most of us live in a very peripheral manner. We seek approval, validation and recognition from others. That should not be the case. We should know what makes our heart sing and dance to our own tune.
Time Management is key achieving success
If we want to do something great with our lives, we need to manage our time effectively. Dr. Taneja feels that time management should be ingrained and taught in schools. Whether it was Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi or Dr. Abdul Kalam, all of them were multi-talented and compartmentalised their priorities and time effectively. When we are totally immersed and  focussing completely on a task at hand, a job that takes five hours, can be completed in an hour.
Advise for people who have lost their jobs during the lockdown
Covid-19 situation has made us rethink our priorities. The losing of jobs and pay cuts is a temporary situation. Dr. Taneja feels that there is an unnecessary hue and cry about it. We never know what is fortunate and what is unfortunate for us, since the Universe has infinite possibilities always. If you have lost a job, make sure your attitude towards what has happened is not pulling you down. We should always remember that our personal power is more powerful than what happens to us. As Indians, we need to give a more serious thought to entrepreneurship at this point of time. Given our cultural conditioning, we are taught to think about tomorrow. The ethos of survival are deeply  ingrained in us. Parents usually want that their children should not take any  risks. If you have lost your job, think about what you are really good at doing, you could be a teacher,  but also very good at photography, you could be a good speaker, a good cook etc.
This is a good time to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and also reflect on why you lost the job and how was your overall performance. Dr. Taneja states that if we are really good at something and if we are not doing a job just to get a pay cheque, the employers cannot afford to lose out on you, irrespective of any financial losses or crisis. Over the years, people have risen to the ranks of a Chief Executive Officer from lower positions while serving at a company for years together. They are a minority and what makes them stand out from others is their integrity and passion for their job.
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