Numerology Predictions 2020: Prepare for a change |
Numerology Predictions 2020: Prepare for a change

Numerology Predictions 2020: Prepare for a change

7 Apr, 2020

There are universal numerology energies that affect the whole world. They provide an impetus for certain types of events and circumstances to occur. The predictions numerology 2020 are generally calculated similarly to the calculation to determine your personal numerology. These two figures, universal and personal, act together in your life, influencing what happens to you and your decisions. Nehaa Goyal, Numerologist, Transformation Coach, Tarot reader and DNA Astrologer shares some insights on the year 2020, which so far has given pretty unexpected results. 

The year 2020 adds up to 2+0+2+0 = 4 and 4 has the energy of Rahu in Vedic Numerology.

In 2020 people might feel unguarded and insecure, as far as their work stability is concerned. As if they have to take the slack off it. However, eventually they will be saved because many new avenues will open up. Suggestion to all, stay flexible and open to doing things differently. Try a new stream or a new line of work as well. There is always hope!

The year 2020 will also have an energy of regulations. In the beginning, this might seem fair as well. However, in this year, be vigilant of what is real and what is an eyewash. Rahu, the virus, is also an illusionist, no one knows who might be carrying it. 

2020 totaling to 4, is a year of being clever and out of the box to make things happen for you.

Hard work is important, this energy will give results to only those who put in the hard work.

This year, become a go getter.

Number 4 has the energy of over obsession and rebellion. Number 1 (Sun and authority) will try to take all the measures to stop this rebellion. This is the time to stay level headed and balanced. Over aggression will not help. Therefore, as far as possible, become clever like number 4. 

Other Numerological Learnings:

The energy of this year is of the head part – Rahu

However, we cannot miss the other numbers which are making this energy too – 2 and 0. Number 2 denotes emotions and nurturing and 0 denotes infinity or endings. 

Emotions can go rampant, they might in fact feel unnurtured or unheard at a personal level. This will bring about a lot of endings as well. These endings though painful, had run their time. These endings will not feel comfortable but will be necessary.

The masses will be on a lookout of nurturing, which will bring out buried emotions. Rahu can also bring out a sense of ‘I deserve better’ amongst all. Number 4 also denotes structure and foundation, all the structures which have a weak foundation will fall off. 

Science will take a major leap, though in a Rahu way which might not be very comfortable. Rahu denotes, out of the box thinking and intelligence. This can play out in many ways. People will begin, in fact, should begin to explore a talent which they never thought they had.

Ideas will become even more creative (but will find ground only when the idea holder trusts and has a sense of confidence in themselves).

From this we understand, that Sun (leadership and authority) and Moon (nurturing) are not necessarily Rahu’s friends. Therefore, there can be discomfort and thus changes in the government.

The head only insatiability of Rahu can often become a sense of obsessiveness as well. A forever thinking mode can bring up emotional misbalance and mental concerns too. The way to balance this is through Ketu. Ketu is represented by spirituality and going within. Where Rahu energy is extroverted, Ketu’s energy is introverted

The current foundation shaker COVID-19 adds up to 4 as well. And the solution to it seems like isolation (Ketu, going within). Coincidence?

Another Remedy for this year is with Jupiter. Rahu can be controlled by Jupiter.

Light a Ghee lamp at home every day. 

Do Pranayam and increase your immunity. This will support in balancing your mind as well. This is necessary for the waves of 2020 which bring along emotions and endings on a repeat mode.

Number 4 has the energy of being absolutely unexpected. Out of the blue something will happen. However, what will happen will change the course of the nation as well as every individual. Whether these changes are favourable or not so, will depend on how much you have worked on your Jeeva i.e. Yourself!

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