Predict your future success with Angel Cards |
Predict your future success with Angel Cards

Predict your future success with Angel Cards

10 Aug, 2020

Angels are always around us and they communicate through signs, symbols and Angel cards. They connect with our subconscious mind and  provide divine guidance through Angel card readings. An Angel Card Reader, along with deciphering the messages on the cards, also communicates with the Angels through intuition to provide accurate solution to the clients. Sometimes, we may get jaded due to delay in achieving success in our career or business and attracting the money that we desire.  All it takes is an online Angel card reading to predict the success in our career or business. Pooja Verma, an internationally certified Angel cards reader, Tarot reader, Lama-Fera Master, Pranic Healer and a chakra healer discusses the importance of Angel cards reading for  predicting success in our business, career and improve your finances.

Angel cards for success 

In an Angel card reading session, the messages are sourced through Angels, Guardian Angels, fairies and divine source. The spread can be a one card reading, three cards reading or five cards reading. The reader invokes the Angels through divine prayers. The cards that drop immediately while shuffling are the divine messages. For instance, if a card with the message let go your past card is pulled, it signifies that the person should leave behind the negative experiences from the past, for not being able to achieve success or facing delays in getting a job. When we get stuck on old patterns, we cannot progress in the present moment and we tend to attract more of  negative experiences and hurdles for attracting abundance.

Other methods used by the expert 

Verma usually combines Angel cards with the Goddess Oracle deck created by her. She also uses the  pendulum for confirmation, while seeking indepth answers for her clients. She provides affirmations and meditation exercises for healing the mental and emotional blocks which may be a barrier to achieving success in job, a particular project and even monetary success.
Success stories of  clients
One of Verma’s client desired to work  in a particular company. She had given the interview and was awaiting a call for selection. She was not sure whether she would get selected.The Angel Cards predicted that she needed healing. Verma states that within a few hours of clearing the mental and emotional blockages through chakra healing, her client  received the news that she had bagged the job. Verma has also succeeded in helping her clients to go abroad for a job and  achieve success in their projects through her readings.
Verma states that some clients need only one session while some may need multiple sessions. She says that we should always trust the messages from the Angels, spiritual masters and our guides. It is advised to be receptive and in complete surrender mode to derive  maximum benefits of a session on Angel cards reading.
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