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Raise your vibration to live your best life! Here’s how

Raise your vibration to live your best life! Here’s how

24 Jun, 2020

We should all keep making an effort to raise our vibrations to a higher level of consciousness, because when we are in a higher vibration, we feel harmonized and at peace within ourselves, with our environment, and with the people around us. We experience joy, contentment, happiness, peace, bliss and harmony. And when our inner reality is happy, it manifests on the outside too. The quality of our relationships with our loved ones, career, finances, our relationships with our colleagues, neighbours, friends, etc. improves when we are vibrating high. Sharad Jagtiani, an actor, singer, Access Bars facilitator and a life coach discusses the parameters to know if we have raised our vibration, how to work on being a happy state of mind, and how to reach a place of peace and calm.
Feeling loved is a good indicator of having raised our vibrations
When we are in a state of love, enlightenment, peace, kindness, harmony and joy, everything around us feels good. When we are in a space of blame, anger, fear, regret, guilt etc., it is a place of lower vibration, it feels off, and our misery gets amplified. When we are in a higher vibration, we can take care of others. Either, we can work on ourselves and raise our vibration or we can do activities like meditation, yoga, singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument etc. which will raise our vibration. We feel constantly loved by God, by ourselves, and others too. We feel protected, nurtured and secured in our being. In today’s scenario, it is important to get rid of the lower vibrations. The best way to get rid of lower vibrations is to get rid of judgement for self and others. This attitude of forgiving others is a good trait for spiritual advancement and for a better quality life. It raises  our personal vibrations and uplifts our lives.
Our relationships improve when our vibrations change  
When we love ourselves more and more and we are in a peaceful state, our relationships with our loved ones improve. Since there is no codependency or thriving on each other’s energy. We feel whole and complete by ourselves. This way, the quality of our relationships improves manifold and we are better equipped to pour love to others by loving ourselves first. We should accept and take full responsibility for our lives. When we have truly forgiven others and ourselves for whatever may have happened in the past and moved away from thinking or reliving the past, we can feel constant  peace in our hearts and it helps us to understand that we have raised our vibration.
Higher vibrations improves our finances and career
It’s important to have a vibrational set point for an abundant flow of money and be a vibrational match for money. Money is nothing but a vibration of love and an exchange of consciousness. In order to attract an abundant flow of money,  we need to love ourselves. It is in this space, we finally allow the money that was already waiting for us to flow in. We also tend to naturally attract better bosses, colleagues and a good work environment when our vibrations are high.
Detachment from the past 
We have to be watchful  to not absorb others’ stories when somebody narrates their problems to us. We should only listen to others to empower them and not get attached to the emotions or their stories. The more we work on ourselves, the more we will maintain our higher vibrations. We can say that we have truly arrived to maintaining a higher vibration when we can detach ourselves from trauma bonding with others and we are able to keep up our vibration and discern the truth of our divine being instead of being trapped in the past or present circumstances.
Compassion and enlightenment
We feel a sense of liberation and freedom, when we raise our vibrations. The Buddha said that to realize enlightenment, a person must develop two qualities, wisdom and compassion. Wisdom and compassion are sometimes compared to two wings that work together to enable flying or two eyes that work together to see deeply. Compassion without wisdom is futile. We should think of everyone as our teacher since the seeds of compassion are sown then.
Not getting attached to outcomes 
We should not get attached to any outcomes. Our happiness should not depend on our successes. Even in the midst of a failure in a career, project, relationships etc, if we can hold onto that reservoir of inner peace and harmony, then we can say that we have come a long way in raising and maintaining our vibrations.
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