Ravishing Rishikesh: This December, all you need is this ‘Five Elements Retreat’ with Thriive Art & Soul | Thriive.in
Ravishing Rishikesh: This December, all you need is this ‘Five Elements Retreat’ with Thriive Art & Soul

Ravishing Rishikesh: This December, all you need is this ‘Five Elements Retreat’ with Thriive Art & Soul

6 Nov, 2019

We all experience those routine blues when all we want to do is to embrace our disheveled selves and let go of time. No disturbance, no indulgence- Just relaxation. But we must agree that this may not be possible everyday. 

So, what if we told you that at Thriive Art & Soul, we give you a chance to shoo away these layers of boredom and help you to dive deep into wellness?

Yes, you read that right! Join this retreat with us- RIGHT NOW! Our gang is headed to Rishikesh, and it’s going to be 3 days (December 6th-8th) of friendship, laughter, exploring the unknown you, jumping out of the box, and everything that leads to total transformation. If you want to fuel your spirit of adventure and go on a soul-seeking journey, this is your chance! 

This is not just another trip to Rishikesh, but an adventure that’s a perfect mix of exploring the inner you, the outer beauty, and connecting with a great community. 

Here are some cool things we’ll be doing:

    • Fire Gazing – Did you know that fire has the power to fuel your passion and help you manifest your dreams and convert them to reality? And when you combine it with the positive vibrations of a place as holy as Rishikesh, nothing can confine you. So meditate with fire and channelize your passion in the right direction!
    • Ganga Aarti– Strengthen your spiritual journey with the blessings of the Divine! As the evening sets in at Rishikesh, the sacred ‘Ganga Aarti’ is performed where all offer their prayers to Goddess Ganga. The confluence of the sparkling oil lamps or diyas and the shimmering waves of River Ganga is a beautiful sight to witness and be a part of. 
    • Water Meditation– Meditating on the banks of River Ganga cannot be compared to any other form of meditation. The soothing gurgling of river water is all that you need to calm your monkey mind and ease your thoughts. Water meditation is not only unique but a very effective form of meditation. Let those waves of unsteadiness within you die down and give way to peace and a clear vision.
    • Walking Meditation– Meditation is often considered as a static state of awareness but we are here to change that idea! Meditation can be dynamic- and walking meditation is proof. Instead of gluing yourself to one spot, walking meditation gives you a chance to focus on and find peace in the gentle movements of your body as you walk. So walk your way to wellness and let each step take you closer to your inner peace.
    • Ayurvedic tea & cooking– Ayurvedic ways of living garners a lot of attention, however, authentic Ayurveda is something that’s not easily available. Come to Rishikesh and discover the ancient secrets of Ayurvedic cooking and tea and learn to strike a balance between mental, physical and emotional health.
    • Beatles ashram– Also known as Chaurasi Kutia, this ashram offers both luxury and spirituality. The name catches everyone’s fancy and yes, it is related to our beloved Beatles’ band members, who came to India in the late 60s, met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and learnt transcendental meditation from him. 
    • River Rafting– Brave the mighty river Ganga and feel the rush of adrenaline as you crash and splash through the waters and discover freedom through experiencing this super fun adventure sport. 
    • Yoga- Known as the ‘Yoga Capital of The World’, Rishikesh is India’s most well-known retreat spot for yoga enthusiasts. So pack up your yoga pants and yoga mats and get set to stretch your stress out in the cozy lap of nature!


  • Tarot- Tarot is nothing but the revelation of truths that you are unconsciously aware of, but haven’t acknowledged or accepted. And this is why getting your cards read at Rishikesh will be a different experience- because the positivity engulfing you will put you in a zone where you can think more, react less and connect better with your inner self. This will lead to more accurate predictions.
  • Site-seeing at Lakshman Jhula- 59 feet above water level, Lakshman Jhula is the perfect spot to head to for the most picturesque views in Rishikesh. Walking through the 137 metres long bridge constructed over a beautiful river sounds like a welcome relief from your daily hectic commute to work, right? 


Apart from the site-seeing and the plethora of myriad activities, this retreat will help you rediscover your spirit of adventure, which may have been buried over several months of constant work schedules. So come, fuel your passion to travel and hop in for this super fun and thrilling experience!

For Bookings and Enquiries call +91 75064 24584 or Email: [email protected]in.

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