Real life story: How Numerology changed Sunil Harlalkaa life |
Real life story: How Numerology changed Sunil Harlalkaa life

Real life story: How Numerology changed Sunil Harlalkaa life

28 Jul, 2020

As a child, I always had clairvoyance and could predict many future events. On completing my education, I built my career in the travel industry, spending 25 years in it. I was drawn to Numerology when, several years ago, I fell ill and wondered why medicines alone could not treat me. I went into deep introspection and one day I found out about the miracles of Numerology.

How I discovered Numerology
I was a bit sceptical about it at first. But for some reason, I was compelled to go further. I began to study everything I could find on Numerology. I was determined to investigate the myths and mysticisms associated with it and how it can be applied to my daily life to heal me.
I applied the systems in all aspects of my life, and in a short span of time I was indeed amazed with the positive changes not only in my health, but also professionally, socially and personally.

Spreading the science of Numerology
Today after 18 years , I continue to offer my services both to individuals in all aspects of  life – love, marriage, relationships, having a baby, health, career, profession , education, and just about everything. For businesses, the service includes naming of companies, good dates for various activities. Given the results, organisations like BNI with over 10,000 plus employees in India had placed their trust and faith in me and my knowledge.
People normally associate Numerology only with their personal names, wherein one is advised to either change the name or spelling of the name which is in harmony with the date of birth. I have developed systems wherein one does not have to change the name and yet enjoy most of the benefits of a perfectly balanced name.

Applying Numerology to all aspects of life
I have extended the usage of Numerology in multiple aspects of life – good dates for various activities like banking, marriage, joining a new job, medical intervention, etc. Numerology also helps in deciding good numbers for mobiles, homes, appropriate prices to sell your products or services quickly
My mission now is to help individuals and businesses to progress in their desired field and fullfil their heart’s desire.

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