Retreat and Rediscover at the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences  |
Retreat and Rediscover at the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences 

Retreat and Rediscover at the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences 

28 Aug, 2019

We wake up each Monday, wondering why Sunday had to end, dragging ourselves with the target of just getting to Friday! Sometimes we wish we could escape, take time for ourselves, rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Does this sound like you? Well, the 12th Global Festival of Spiritual Science could be just the perfect retreat your crave! 

At the 12th Global Festival Of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS), you can detox your body with a vegetarian sattvic diet, delve deep into your soul with a plethora of expertly guided meditations, create bonds with a like-minded community, and get inspired with stimulating wellness, and art & soul workshops.  Don’t miss this chance to pamper your soul! Get your Donor Passes for the festival HERE.

Detox and Retreat at GFSS: HOW?

We’ve got renowned Masters from around the world sharing their life-altering teachings with us:  how to meditate at deeper levels, how to use the power of geometry to add energy to your life, how to really attract the love you deserve, and also this year’s special- Wim Hof’s daughter (Laura Hof) will be joining us to share the world-famous Wim Hof method. 

For those of you who are wondering who this Wim Hof is, he’s the world-famous guy who takes thousands of people on expeditions to sub-zero temperatures and teaches them mind and body control to last for days in freezing cold with minimal clothing. It’s all about mind control, and we’re going to learn that!

Set amidst the serene green environment of the Pyramid Valley, anyone will feel like they’re coming back home to their true selves. The day begins with a flute meditation, yoga, and (pranayamas) breathing exercises, a sattvic breakfast,  followed by another meditation, and a host of innovative uplifting speaker talks and experiences. As the evening brings it’s magical twilight attendees can hike up the highest energy point of pyramid valley the Tapasthali, sip on tea in the zen garden, visit the organic farm, or go to the Medlab to experience healing with Quantum devices. Post dinner, the night brings its’ soulful songs with dance, music, and magic like a Sufi whirling workshop where you can transform yourself into a Sufi dancer for a few hours, and a one-man theatrical illusion show by an international raved about illusionist. The day ends with bonfires, herbal teas, and heartfelt goodnights for our Thriive community. 

Are you ready to empower your own change?? Then get set for GFSS 2019!

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