Self-appreciation is the key to your wellness |
Self-appreciation is the key to your wellness

Self-appreciation is the key to your wellness

3 Jul, 2019

Looking at the title you must be wondering how patting your own back can make you healthier. The basic assumption for well-being is that you have to be critical of your habits and change them as soon as you can. This leads to surmounting pressure to change oneself. Yes, it’s true that many of us have habits that deteriorate our mind and body’s health and it is crucial to get rid of them. However, appreciating yourself more than criticizing yourself will make your journey towards wellness much smoother. 

Here are 3 factors that explain self-appreciation:

  1. Self-appreciation does not mean ignorance: Appreciating yourself for all the efforts and for good things about yourself does not mean ignoring the harmful ones. Even if you have to appreciate yourself with more harmful habits than healthier ones then appreciate yourself for having survived such harmful or toxic influences and reassure yourself that you can change that. This will help you to approach your own unhealthy habits in a positive way. 
  2. Wellness for the body and mind: The term wellness is not just limited to the wellness of the body but also of the mind. When you are appreciating yourself don’t just focus on the physical aspect. You must consider the mental and emotional parameters of yourself as well.  A healthy body requires a healthy mind and vice-versa. Damage to your mental health slowly transcends to your physical health as well. Hence, one must never ignore mental health. In fact, self-appreciation is a way to ensure a healthy mind.
  3. Self-appreciation is equal to self-loveWe always appreciate the ones we love and hence, self-appreciation is an expression of love for yourself. You must have heard tirades about self-love and might have even wondered how difficult it is. Self-appreciation can be an easy starting point for the ones who are struggling to cultivate self-love. 

How to practice self-appreciation

  • Appreciate little efforts
    Though it’s always good to reach for the stars, setting expectations too high will only lead to discouragement. Instead set multiple mini-goals that direct you towards a bigger goal for your wellness. This will help you to achieve smaller goals without any pressure. While doing this don’t forget to appreciate the smallest of efforts that you to make for your mind, body and spiritual wellness. 
  • In action and in stories
    We are the stories we tell ourselves. Our beliefs and thoughts make up these stories. Hence, telling yourself that you deserve appreciation and that you can do much better for your own wellness will ingrain that belief system. And beliefs, as you know, are incredibly powerful. However, don’t limit yourself to just stories; express that to yourself in actions as well. Whether it’s buying yourself your favourite take-out dinner or just taking yourself on a trip when you accomplish certain goals, don’t forget to treat yourself as a mode of appreciation. 
  • Write to yourself or talk to yourself
    This might sound like a ridiculous idea. However, writing letters to yourself and talking to yourself will make your beliefs stronger. Words are powerful and when you write or say something to yourself they get ingrained as beliefs. Hence, don’t forget to write a note of self-appreciation every once in a while or just say a few kind words every morning.  

Self-appreciation will help you cultivate positive habits such as self-acceptance and self-love. Most importantly when you appreciate yourself you place your worth higher than you would have otherwise. Knowing your self-worth will encourage you to take more efforts for your wellbeing. This, in turn, will ensure the wellness of the body, mind and the spirit. 

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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