Simple energy protection methods for our home and family |
Simple energy protection methods for our home and family

Simple energy protection methods for our home and family

30 Jun, 2020

Human energy gets affected by the biological, chemical, and physical aspects surrounding us in our environment. Our skin is the most delicate and the most important organ of our body. Our body absorbs light, heat, and other people’s vibrations and creates an electromagnetic energy field within us. Fungii, bacteria, dust.etc goes inside our body and lowers our vibration and also affects our immunity. Barjatya states that 70 percent of the illnesses within our body, comes from outside the body.  Packaged and processed foods, preservatives and chemicals in food and intake of medicines get stored in our body and it weakens our immunity. Mayank Barjatya, an architect, an expert on Energetic Analysis and Corrections, Vastu Shastra, Human Energetic Assessment Devices and  owner of Vastuworld shares Vastu tips to protect our and our loved ones energies during this ongoing lockdown, since many of us are having a difficult time locked up in our homes with our loved ones.
Use natural flooring 
Natural flooring made of marble, granite and other natural substances are essential in our homes. Artificial flooring creates negative energy since its chemical composition is artificial. Most of us us have false ceilings at our homes. Inside the false ceilings, there is dust, fungii, bacteria, insects, lizards, cockroaches etc. At intervals, we should get the false ceiling opened and get it checked, since it could be a breeding ground for infection. Walking barefoot on natural flooring is advisable at home for grounding purpose and connecting to mother earth, a constant  source of our personal energy. Staying connected to mother earth also helps us to build our immunity.
Have multiple ventilations at home
We need to have many ventilations in our homes. Two walls should have windows and ventilations.  When we have only one window and one ventilation, the toxic air from the air conditioners keeps circulating inside the house and it affects our respiratory system. It is especially recommended that in offices, natural air should be taken in, every four hours since toxic air from air conditioners and our own breath keeps circulating, which is unhealthy for us, especially during  these times of increasing cases of Covid-19.
Prayers, chanting and lighting diyas
Natural incense sticks should be lit inside homes. Doing pooja at home in North direction is encouraged to invoke good vibrations. Pooja should be performed at 7 am in the morning and 7 pm in the evening to evoke the yin and the yang energies within us. We should open up all the windows and doors on the north and east side in the morning to replenish our energies with the sun. In the evening, windows on the south and west side should be kept open to let the air circulate and soak in the energies of the moon. This helps us to balance our yin and yang energy.
Fire and water are important elements
Fire and ghee both are natural elements. A diya of ghee should be lit in the morning and in the evening. Since in India, we are surrounded by Indian Ocean in the south and Arabian Sea on the west coast, we already have water element in our homes in the south and west direction. However, water  along with flowers should be placed in north and east direction in our homes. The water should be changed everyday since it tends to become impure due to external factors.
Landscapes, flowers and plants 
The tulsi plant has a positive influence. It should be planted in the northern, north-eastern and eastern sections of the house. Plants with thorns should not be planted in the garden. Cactus should not be planted at all. Thorny plants represent negative energy.
The power of nature, meditation and silence
Nature is the biggest element that helps us to replenish our energies. Barjatya suggests going out for a walk in the morning and in the evening to replenish ourselves with the sun and moon energies. If we or our family members are not exposed to the sun and moon energies during this lockdown, it creates an imbalance within us and results into fights with our loved ones. We also tend to feel depressed if there is an imbalance of the sun and moon energies. When we go out  for a walk, we should keep our mobile phones at home, to avoid getting distracted with calls and messages. We should walk barefoot on mud or soil in gardens, to ground our energy. Meditation for ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening helps us to restore our peace. Barjatya suggests to keep silence for 20 minutes and just sit in peace. This will help to restore our energy and balance our mind. Stay away from the news and mentally disturbing forwards on WhatsApp. Self-discipline is needed to have peace and harmony in our lives.
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  1. Nice thinking with practical base . Now creation and preservation of energy including mental and spiritual energy is badly needed.Domestic measures are key points…


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