The 11th GFSS - Finding Your Energy Vibe & Tribe At This Soul Festival |
The 11th GFSS – Finding Your Energy Vibe & Tribe At This Soul Festival

The 11th GFSS – Finding Your Energy Vibe & Tribe At This Soul Festival

6 Nov, 2018

Hi-energy was not just a buzzword at the recently concluded GFSS 
By Sonia Rao 

Thunder and lightning provided the special effects to the rain that lashed the Valley all night but when the next morning dawned the sunshine was on high. It was as if the previous day’s pandemonium was just nature’s way of announcing the start of India’s one & only “soul” festival: the 11th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS) being held from 29th September to 2nd October at Pyramid Valley in Bengaluru. After all, when the theme is ‘Elevate your Energy. Elevate your Vibe’ such hi-energy expressions are but natural (pun unintended).

Making a Mark

With the fabulous presentations, meditations, performances and kids’ workshops added to the mix, GFSS has always made its mark in every heart that has ever been a part of it. 

It was started 11 years ago by Shreans Daga, Vice-chairman of PVI, inspired and supported by esteemed Masters Brahmarshi Patriji and Dr. Newton Kondaveti, MD. Organised by Thriive Art & Soul, this global Festival, under the guidance of its CEO Pinky Daga, has been raising the benchmark for such festivals in India. It is now a much sought-after event both by seekers as well as well-known Speakers from around the world.

Excitement was in the air on the 29th of September, when the best of change-creators from around the world assembled inside the Pyramid, the most powerful in Asia. The energy inside was shooting through the roof. The audience cheered the Presenters who were introduced by International Host Maura and lovingly invited to the stage by Brahmarshi Patriji. 

The enthu vibe continued as CMTAI facilitators enticed the participants to perform creative movements such as following the movement of your palm with your eyes, or holding your partner’s eye and moving in unison with them. Continuing in the same vein was the shamanic drum performance by Drum Events India’s Dr. Shamrock and his drummers. By the time this experiential session ended, everyone’s heartbeats were thumping in tempo with the drums and salivating for more. 

Change-creators take the stage

Mornings began with a flexing of the body with Yoga and Tai Chi. The soul-energy pick-up was provided by Brahmarshi Patriji’s melodious flute meditations. This was followed by breakfast before the presentations began. Patrji set the ball rolling with his session on Breath and Meditation. 

The star-studded lineup of presenters included the olden-golden faves, Jasmuheen and Drs. Newton & Lakshmi who brought along their special brand of wisdom peppered with humour. Jasmuheen spoke about how we could enjoy Quantum Benevolence by unlocking the many levels on our lightbody; Dr. Newton & Dr. Lakshmi brought a fresh whiff of humor in their sessions on the science of Karma and how we could overcome our destructive patterns for more success in life.

Prof. Kaya & Christiane revealed the secrets of decoding dreams and gave important insights into being mindful in our parenting. They also shared chants that could help us to call upon Angel Leuviah (pronounced love-ya).

First-time Presenters invoked their inner rockstar: Adam Apollo shared his journey to awakening and his harmonic musical performance had everyone moving energetically to the beats; Zia Nath, whirler par excellence, had the audience in her thrall; Aurelio immersed the entire pyramid in mind-transforming soundwaves; Prof. Kaya breaking the astral sound barrier with his soulful chants. The audience was completely tuned in. 

Did you know that Earth is now vibrating to the frequency of the 5th dimension? Ladan 
Ratcliffe gave us the full lowdown on it.

Victoria GeVoian’s session was on Breathwork – a series of breathing exercises 
that can completely change one’s life (and looks too – that Victoria is 65 but looks not a day over 40 is pure proof). 

Susan Hough & Greg Friedman went back to roots. In their interactive sessions, the audience discovered ancient indigenous wisdom that resonated with them and also how to use the Ancient Medicine Wheel for greater success and prosperity in all aspects of their life.

Dr. Amit Goswami’s presentation was about building a bridge between ancient wisdom and quantum physics. 

But the highlight of the event was the fabulous presentation and meditation by Shreans Daga. Taking the stage for the first time ever, he and his collaborator Varun Daga. through slides and videos, brought to us the many facets and paths of inner transformation. The session extended beyond the designated time, but the audience refused to budge till it was over. Encore was a definite demand in this case. 

With a special focus on Kids Workshops, it was amazing to see the kids involve themselves wholeheartedly in what was on offer. Whether it was the Art Corner, where their inner artist took over or the specially-created workshops, they had the facilitators going ga-ga over their innate innocent wisdom.

Mind/body/soul workout

The best part of the event was that almost all sessions were experiential and interactive. But the programming also allowed one to grab some me-time. In between sessions, people were seen meditating inside the personal pyramid pods that dotted the landscape. Or just ambling along, taking in the green serene beauty and breeze in the Zen gardens and lakes. An ‘I’m A Thriiver’ spot provided a beautiful backdrop for those wanting to document their visit with selfies. This holistic experience extended to the wholesome food on offer. 

Bonfire rituals, held after the art & soul performance ended, were yet another activity that found a lot of takers. The crackling of the fire, sparkling red and yellow in the dark night, was the perfect setting for tribal rituals. While Susan Hough invited the attendees to resonate with the fire with a chorus of Hey La La Ulaayaa, Greg Friedman brought tobacco as offering – as it was done in the olden days. Ladan and Aurelio invoked Mother Earth even as they invited the participants to circle around the fire holding hands. 

Celebrating self-transformation

Nikky Singh, a corporate fitness expert, who chanced to read about GFSS online and join in was intrigued to note that “everyone looked so happy” as this was what she wanted for herself.

Thriive Art & Soul’s stall merited a lot of visits for their Wheel of Fortune in which one could win relaxing sessions on a Brain Tap or Foot Relax Energiser. Many even won HRV readings that could tell them about their physiological age.

This powerspot, the venue of many intense self-transformations was abuzz on all those 4 days. It was the best celebration of the human spirit ever. As the closing ceremony came to an end, the participants set out for home, back to the world, but with promises in their heart to be back again next year.

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