The Black Hole Photograph and how it relates to our personal lives |
The Black Hole Photograph and how it relates to our personal lives

The Black Hole Photograph and how it relates to our personal lives

21 Apr, 2019

On Wednesday, 10th April 2019, in a path-breaking moment, we saw the photograph of a black hole taken for the very first time ever. Something that has been a theoretical concept was actually photographed – it has come to light. This was the Black Hole that Quantum Physics always knew existed.

Seeing the unseeable

We on Earth are fortunate to see something that has till now been unseeable. At this point in time, we might not even have the consciousness to understand what we are seeing. But since it has been revealed, seeing the unseeable has its own significance.

I will not go into the science of it. The New York times has done a fabulous job of making it understandable to us Earthlings, as it says.

But a cosmic mystery has been unveiled for us. We are all part of the same cosmos that also contains the black hole. So, it is but inevitable that what happens there affects us here.

So, what are the messages this once in a lifetime kind of event bring for us?

When a star dies it forms a black hole with a core of unimaginable energy. It is a monster that eats up everything that comes too close to it.

Most of us too have a black hole in our lives. Do you have that one thing in your life that has ended but it still attracts all your energy, vitality and creativity and drains you dry (like a black hole)? Is it a dead-end job or a relationship that ended too abruptly? Or is it a start up that’s just gobbling up all your investments with no signs of giving any returns?

The black hole in the sky has been brought to light. It’s time you shone the light on the black hole of your own life. Look at it bravely and see it for what it is. Like the black hole you might not be able to understand it completely. But that does not mean that you still allow it to suck up all your energy that will only end up inside this all-consuming core.

Light reveals the truth, even the one we might be hiding from ourselves. The ‘eye-shaped’ light of the black hole encourages us to expand our consciousness and come closer to our truth. We can also call it the third eye of the Universe. Are you brave enough to see the unseeable in your own life?

We are All One

On a universal level, this  phenomenon was possible because of a network of people around the globe, working together to make this happen! This is yet another confirmation that we are all One and everything we do affects each one of us.

Could any message from the Universe be any more clear than this?


Sonia Rao is the Editor in Chief at Thriive Art & Soul



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