The Four Stages of Evolution |
The Four Stages of Evolution

The Four Stages of Evolution

The higher aspects of Darwin’s evolutionary theory were echoed more than a hundred years ago in the visionary theories of an Indian yogi and mystic known as Sri Aurobindo. “There is an intelligence within the field of matter that drives evolution,” Aurobindo stated. In other words, evolution does not require a Creator outside of Creation, since matter itself is divine, operating through an intelligent force within our DNA, the process of evolution has unfolded through vast aeons of time.

The process of involution

There is a process of involution happening simultaneously along with evolution. While evolution has to do with an intelligence within the density of matter rising up towards a creative expression, involution is associated with an infinite potential within the unmanifested aspects of the divine consciousness, which is continually seeking to embody itself. Involution and evolution are not separate from each other, since the unmanifested aspects of existence are always present within the manifested worlds. The entire potential of the Creator is present within Creation, although veiled in expression. Every living creature, including the human species, is born to express this divinity.

Experiencing human consciousness

We imagine that consciousness emerges from the mind, which is an evolutionary byproduct of the creation of life. Although this is true of human consciousness as experienced through our brain and nervous system, it is also true that life is a product of the mind. The mind is a product of a single primordial consciousness, a consciousness that moves through all things, while also self-existing beyond all things. When human consciousness becomes aware of itself as primordial consciousness, a new stage of evolution becomes possible.

The four stages of evolution

Sri Aurobindo refers to the four stages of human evolution. The animal-human was the first stage. In this stage, we were unconsciously aware of forces beyond our personal self, but had not become self-reflective. We were driven by an instinct to survive and thrive in harmony with the web of creation. We lived in a state of natural grace. Then came the human-human stage, coinciding with the development of the rational mind. As per Christian theology, it is known as the Tree of Knowledge. It symbolises a transitional stage of a fall from grace. The rational mind must be integrated into other layers of consciousness. It is a journey from conscious separation to conscious unity. The divine human stage is where the mind, heart and soul begin to integrate, where the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge are both experienced together. We have not collectively entered into this stage of our development as yet, although many of us have been exploring this individually, as we open our minds to higher levels of awareness. The fourth stage is the supramental human, where the fullness of consciousness will be able to incarnate without being held back by the unconscious veils. It is a stage of divine mastery and creativity.
Kiara Windrider, MA, is a psychotherapist and author, whose great passion has been to investigate the journey of human evolution in context of long-range cycles of time. He has approached this study through the eyes of shamans, geologists, historians, physicists, prophets and mystics, and come to the firm conviction that we stand collectively at the brink of a quantum evolutionary leap beyond our wildest dreams.
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