The Modern Shaman: The New Age Healer |
The Modern Shaman: The New Age Healer

The Modern Shaman: The New Age Healer

2 Jun, 2019

Today Shamanic Healing is gaining great popularity. And the reason is that people want a natural, grounded, earth-based, nature-driven, connected life. These are the very qualities our soul resonates to, on its journey of living in the physical world.

It seeks a sense of being deeply connected to ‘Pachamama’ (Mother Earth), with arms stretching out to reach the skies & beyond.

The material, the illusionary and the artificial no longer attract many of us.

We are now looking beyond the limited horizon of our lives, towards the Great Unknown. Today’s seeker wants to explore all modalities of growth and healing, especially in cases of severe trauma and life-threatening dis-eases.

“To communicate with the Great Spirit or God from Earth” says Saharsh Hindocha (Child Shaman).

We are attracted to a state of being, which resonates deeply with our innate soul wisdom. This will help us to realise that there is no division and that we are one with the Great Spirit, indeed one with the whole of existence. We seek to be Shamans.

Our Ancestors, The Shamans!

Once upon a time, our ancestors accessed the wisdom of the Three Worlds. They spoke with the oceans, the rivers, the winds & the mountains and could understand the nature and language of their animal friends. They were Shamans. We found the same magic in the sweet, sacred and innocent time of our childhood. It was magical where we could shape shift into a tree, a bird, an animal, a rock or plant with ease! Just a thought or a loving touch from our dear ones was enough to heal us.

As we grew, we forgot about this magical existence. We were conditioned into thinking that the world of our childhood was just make believe. Healing was a myth & doctors had to be consulted to get well. If we did not behave like every one we were different or queer!

Shamanism challenges all the conditioning we grew up with! It calls you to Step into your Power & reclaim all that is lying dormant within you.

Be A Modern Shaman! Live Life Anew!

This is a Shaman who is comfortable in cyberspace, yet who bonds with the wild. One who can groove to technology, yet hug a tree and speak to its heart. A person, who knows, understands & uses modern medicine yet trusts his/her body wisdom to restore itself to perfect health.

A Modern Shaman is Today’s Person, yet resonates with the wisdom & rituals of Ancestors. S/He understands that s/he is the Custodian of Nature – Is the Earth Steward.

The Modern Shaman believes in leaving the world a better place for the coming generations. This is a person who has understood what it is to be both Human & Divine in the same body.

If you think Shamans have long hair, wear feathers, dance, drum, create rituals & ceremony, & work with energy, well then you are absolutely right!

But on the other hand, Shamans can also look & be like anyone else. Dressing is purely a matter of choice. Famous Shaman teachers all over the world dress & look just like any other person.

Drumming is the easiest and most joyful way of Journeying. To a Shaman music, dance, ritual & ceremony are life force.

Shamans have mastered the art & science of using energy for Healing, Divination & Co- creating.

The difference between A Shaman & A Regular Person

The most outstanding difference is the huge Cosmic Energy Shamans hold within them.

They know how to walk between worlds. To look at death in the face & be unafraid. They have the power to seek answers from The Great Spirit. They are one with the birds, the planets & the elements. They know how to bond with other humans & with Nature. Shamans heal themselves & others. They grow natural products for use. Creating ceremony & ritual for the wellbeing of their family, tribe & the whole of Universe is part of their life path. They befriend Elements & Directions to create magic. They turn the ordinary into Special & Divine.

The Soul Song of Shaman Sophia

I, Shaman Sophia, was initiated into the Sacred World of Shamanism at the age of six. My journey was long & wild, as it was intense, traumatic, triumphant & joyful.

What helps me live a life of great beauty is my Shamanic practice.

I have drunk of the cup of wisdom, knowledge, ceremony, ritual & magic, to emerge strong, powerful & authentic.

In a nutshell, this is Shamanism. Not a course to be studied but a way of life to be learned and followed.

If you are called to be a Shaman, do answer from the voice of your soul. Know your pure authentic self, dance, create music, heal & become one with the elements. Create your soul song & get close to your power animal or bird. Embody its energy & manifest at will. Co create a life of your dreams with the Great Spirit.

About Shaman Sophia Roy Choudhury

If you are moved & want to travel the Red Path, reach out to me & explore. Start a dialogue. Participate in my upcoming workshops. I’m proud to be a Thriive-verified Shaman & Spiritual Scientist with expertise in a multitude of therapies. Connect with me HERE.


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