The New Trend of Online Meditation Coaching |
The New Trend of Online Meditation Coaching

The New Trend of Online Meditation Coaching

17 Nov, 2020

Meditation can be easily done online or in person with the help of a guide. The main purpose of meditation is to achieve a sense of awareness, being mindful and in the moment. It helps to alleviate stress and get through the nitty-gritty of our daily lives. Chitra Roy, a meditation guide, healer and a Reiki Master discusses the new trend of online meditation coaching.

Practice Online Meditation from the Comfort of Your Home

Roy records her meditation sessions and sends it to her clients. The meditation includes emotional healing, physical healing, prosperity healing etc. She finds online meditation sessions to be handy, more convenient to be practised anytime, anywhere and more comfortable for both the meditation guide and the student. With regular practice, the student independently learns to create the ambience at home on his/ her own. There is no rush or stress of reaching a meditation centre nor the stress of time management or to leave early from work to attend the sessions. The aim is to connect deeply with the higher self and send positive healing into the Universe.

Learn the Right Techniques from a Coach

One can definitely learn any meditation through any online videos or channels. However, learning the right techniques is possible only when it is taught by a guide and not through wired technology or videos on YouTube. A meditation coach is someone who has mastered the art through many years of practice and enlightenment. Therefore, a coach can explain and guide through the right way of  meditation process. For eg, if it is a mantra meditation then the meaning of the syllables of the mantra, right way of chanting, number of times to be chanted, inhalation and exhalation during the chant and the visualization need  to be focused upon. When a coach guides through a meditation, there is  liberty to explore and understand the depth of our connection with ourselves. A meditation coach  through years of practice nurtures and holds the pure energy of letting go, forgiveness, compassion, love, intuition, humility, simplicity, calmness, peace as their chakras are always healed, activated and  balanced. They have  strong positive vibrations that immediately helps the students to derive peace, calm, become stress free and focus on the meditation process, which cannot be experienced in the absence of a coach. A coach gives you the freedom to explore the  path of spiritual freedom.

Leading the Clients During the Meditation Session

Roy coaches her clients on various meditation techniques like guided meditation, mantra meditation, breathwork and  silent meditation. She first briefs the students to prepare the room for meditation without any disturbance, wear comfortable clothes, choose comfort posture, keep minimum lights, light a candle and incense and  rub essential oil on the palms. Roy starts with gratitude prayer and this is followed by a brief introduction to the meditation. Every meditation session begins with cleansing and balancing of chakras, followed by the meditation process. While meditating, we absorb a huge amount of energy from the Universe. Therefore we must ground ourselves by releasing the excess energy from our energy body.

Clients Benefit Through the Meditation Sessions

 Roy’s clients are from all walks of life and from various age groups. Roy has students who are a team of football players in the age group of 10 to 15 years. Meditation helped them in nurturing team spirit, mutual respect and overcome abusive and anxious behaviour. Elderly clients overcame panic attacks, breathing trouble, sinusitis, cervical spondylosis, high blood pressure and diabetes. Her clients have also benefitted and attracted abundance, good health, harmonious relationships and a good job.

The Changing Trend of Online Meditation

Nowadays, people are more conscious of their energy body as much as they care for their physical and emotional bodies. There is so much information on the digital media about meditation, its benefits and different techniques that most of the people are more or less aware about it and curious to experiment. Earlier, people used to think meditation is only for monks who have abandoned earthly life. Now, people understand that meditation is for creating awareness and being mindful in our day-to-day lives.  Meditation helps us to overcome any situation, without disturbing our inner peace. Meditation is Yoga for the mind and must be practised every day. Roy has observed this trend in teenagers coming forward to practice and become meditation coaches. People nowadays are very much aware of the benefits of meditation and most of the population across the globe is following one or more schools of meditation. People are engaging themselves in various online meditation courses and opening themselves up to self-healing and healing others which is a very productive and positive trend, towards creating a beautiful Universe with love for all life forces.
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