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The Superpower Named Gratitude

The Superpower Named Gratitude

6 Nov, 2019

Gratitude is actually science. It works with the same areas in the brain as dopamine does and that’s when the brain says – “Hey, I love that, can you do it again?”

Mostly we are used to this feeling when we eat our favourite chocolate or sweets! We thought that’s the only way we can feel great – it became our go-to when we were feeling down or even when our body lacked dopamine. Then exercise became another way of feeling good and fighting these sweets and chocolate cravings – primarily driven by the worry of putting on weight! 

But feeling good is the key right? Something that should be visceral and not just driven just by surface-level issues  – that inner feeling which is long-lasting, true in its facts and also we can tap into whenever we want because we own it. 

I didn’t start gratitude practice because I was trying to solve any cravings but I did see how it impacted and balanced many mood swings, the high and low constant feeling and finding a more holistic grounding inside me! A practice that I did only at a certain point in the day, now became a way of seeing various things and events in the day or life. 

Gratitude is that superpower all you lovely people but instead of doing it mechanically and sparingly, I will list down all the different ways it can be integrated to become how we see things in our world. 

  1. Morning gratitude: This is a common one and has the ability to change our mood because let’s admit – none of us wake up with the same mood every morning right? But it is in our control to take charge and change it. Simply think of the larger things in life that you feel gratitude for or whatever comes to your mind. One can also make use of a gratitude journal so it helps to structure the thoughts. 
  2. Enroute gratitude: Stuff happens between the time we wake up and we get out of our homes for work. Things that can bug us, irritate or frustrate us – like the breakfast isn’t just right, some family member’s comment or discussion gets under our skin, a message or mail we read that got us off mood so on and so forth. This is completely human and normal but what happens often is we take this with us to work – it changes how we greet people, how we spend our first half of the day at times right? So enroute to work, it helps to change the same situations that got to us into mini-gratitudes – for eg: same family member that got under our skin, what is that one thing about that person we are thankful for. See the breakfast that isn’t just right as the breakfast we are blessed with. The message or mail that got us off mood as the one challenging us to be better. Are you getting me? Convert the emotions basically. 
  3. Food gratitude: We eat a couple of meals in the day and it is something we can be most thankless about! It can also be that break in the day when we rewire our brain to simple joys. So you can put a reminder on your phone to do this! During lunch and dinner time, let that reminder tell you to thank the entire supply chain that got the food to your table.
  4. Challenges gratitude: One area we struggle with is how we respond to challenges in our lives. People challenges, situation challenges, new scenario challenges, health challenges, etc – can we see these as chosen gifts from the universe to be our best potential. Instead of ‘why me’, it is ‘why not, thank you universe for this spiritual assignment that will grow me.
  5. Night meditation: Here is something that you might have not done before – in the night I take time to thank and love all the organs that worked in tandem to make my day great and make me function at the optimum level. I see a beautiful golden light rejuvenating each of them and then I scan through all the organs that catch my attention and whisper to them – hey I love you, thank you. 

As you can see the gratitude practice can be panned out through the day and you will be surprised how it becomes a way of how we see things – our perspective! And our perspective is everything.

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